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Worth the wait - Kicker in Late game.
By Robert Hilliard
We now continue with our regularly scheduled, midly insane rants on the Kicker ability.

I discussed previously how Kicker seemed to slow the game down a bit. Thankfully WOTC made sure that in slowing the game down, the cards with Kicker, worth playing, were well worth having late game. It was never cool to pull that 2/2 for 2 mana late game... now a 5/5 flyer, with a built in spirit link, that's something worth drawing into.

Please remember that most of the cards listed below are especially strong in the later portion of your games. You know - about the time the cops show up from that one group member screaming about the 1,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 point fireball he just split to everyone, and then forked it... or the pizza arrives.

We'll focus on creatures for this article.

Let's begin:

Benalish Emissary - a WG3cc, 1/4 Stone Rain(yes that's stone rain in white/green) is not a bad thing to have when your opponent has that Volrath's Stronghold on the table. Or the Kjeldoran Outpost, or the Balduvian Trading Post, or the... you get the picture...

Cetavolver - a RGU2cc, 4/4, first strike, trampler... I don't play Blue, but this is a nice creature to have for 5 mana... Above being bolted, and played with Blue, extremely strong.

Desolation Giant - a WWRR2cc, 3/3, wrath of "I'm God, and you're not"... He all but ensures you'll be the only one on the table with a creature - for a turn or 2.

Kavu Titan - a GG3cc, 5/5 trampler. Above the ability curve by 1, and a 5/5 is no laughing matter. Needless to say - a regular turn 3 5/5 for those mana friendly decks. Elves love Kavu, Kavu love to beat down...

Necravolver - a BGW3cc, 5/5 trample, built-in Spirit Link... Still above the curve by 1 as you're almost guaranteed 5 life...

Phyrexian Scuta - a B3, 3 life aditional cost, Juzam Incarnate... Be honest, and I mean really honest here: We'd all just about die to have a Juzam, if we don't have our 4 already, and it just doesn't get any better(until Onslaught). But here you pay the life once, and not every turn. Definitely worth bolting yourself. Praise be to the WOTC hierarchy for allowing this to see print.

Rakavolver - a RUW3cc, 5/5 flying, built-in Spirit Link... Already an evasion ability - and life gain?... Blue is too (Hoover)dam powerful!!!...

Thicket Elemental - a GGG4 - 4/4, find the next creature in the library and put it into play... Sometimes this can bite you in the behind, but if you like fast mana and Sylvan Library - outright wrong. Oh, well... look at that - where did that Krosan Cloudscraper come from?...

Waterspout Elemental - a UUU3cc, 3/4 flying, bounce all other creatures... dirty thoughts come to mind... Nature's revolt... wrong - just wrong...

Well... That's all for this installment on the Kicker ability. Hope you tune in next time for the other non-creature kicker cards.

'Til then, may your kicking be pleasant and not painful!


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