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Meta-Kicked... the WOTC Gung-Fu...
By Robert Hilliard
Okay... So the gar-bauge has been listed... now on to the powerful kicker cards.

We'll discuss Desolation Angel, Urza's Rage, and Skizzik today. So hold on to your... computer's joystick as we look at cards not so casual.

Desolation Angel. A 5cc 5/5 flyer, that when kicked for 2 mana, destroys all lands in play. An Armageddon and a 5/5 flyer for 7 mana... That comes down to 3 mana for a 5/5 flyer. Can you think of any better? Is so - here's your sign.

The Angel made a big splash as the enemy pain land, Caves of Coilos, and Vindicate made Desi(Desolation Angel) an extremely strong creature in what turned out to be a B/W control deck.

It was simple. Keep creatures off the table, with Dark Banishing, Terror, and Wrath of God. Use Vindicate to remove any bother-some permanents. And maybe run Spectral Lynx for early creature, and Phyrexian Arena for drawing.

It took a lot of rares to make this an extremely strong deck, but it was out there. And she was one bad momma. She hit the table, and you could almost guarantee a scoop. Desi was the schiznit!!!

We now break for your allotted time to use the restroom.
Welcome back - hope you washed your hands...

Urza's Rage and Skizzik are both in this next portion.

Mono-red, or R/G made a strong showing for 2 reasons. Fires of Yavimaya made your creatures fast, and if you had help building your mana base you played skizzik with kicker so you didn't have to sacrifice him at end of turn. Saproling Infestation was nice here also. Who wouldn't want a bunch of creatures to run over and smack their opponent?...

Turns later a kicked Urza's rage deals 10 pts. of damage to a player, that can't be countered and can't be prevented. Nice huh?!. Yavimaya Wurm and Flametongue Kavus rounded out the deck, making for a fast and furious deck that came to the table for only one reason: Romp-dom.

The next Article will focus on cheaper kicked cards... though we all know kicker made all cards not so cheap.

Til' then, may you not be the victim of a Desi/Romp deck roaming the local shops...


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