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My Top 10 Enchant World Cards!
By Robert Hilliard
Since I've been going on about Enchant Worlds for about a week now - I figure I might as well give you my top 10 list of Enchant World Cards. These are cards I would play, if I owned all of them... and know ahead of time... none of these are Blue!

To start things off here's a kicker, the TakkleMaggot poop of Enchant Worlds:

Winter's Night : Whenever a snow-covered land is tapped for mana, its controller adds one mana of that type to his or her mana pool. That land doesn't untap during its controller's next untap step.
*This isn't to say it's a bad card... it's to say it's a bad card that relies on snow-covered lands, and then acts as a stasis, just to throw you off for a turn or 2...

Now that that's out of the way, on with the top 10...

#10 - Arboria : Creatures can't attack a player who didn't play a spell and didn't put a card into play during his or her last turn.
*This is probably the greatest multiplayer Enchant World out there, and gives players in multiplayer and duel format games time to make up for bad draws or shuffling, even bad luck...

#9 - Elkin Lair : At the beginning of each player's upkeep, that player removes a card at random in his or her hand from the game. The player may play that card as though it were in his or her hand. At end of turn, if the player hasn't played the card, the player puts it into his or her graveyard.
*This card is good enough to make the game interesting, and except for new cards, and the ever-popular wheel of fortune, is a great way for Red to cause hand disruption/discard...

#8 - Nether Void : Whenever a player plays a spell, counter it unless its controller pays {3}.
*Black only has better denial in it's discard ability... Not ranked higher because it affects everyone... as Enchant Worlds should.

#7 - Null Chamber : As ~this~ comes into play, you and an opponent each name a card other than a basic land card. ; The named cards can't be played.
*Meddling mage is nice, and can attack for 2, but there's less enchantment removal out there than creature removal. Yes, your opponent gets to name a card, but removing 4 cards from playability for only 1 is great card advantage...

#6 - The Abyss : At the beginning of each player's upkeep, destroy target nonartifact creature that player controls of his or her choice. It can't be regenerated.
*An every turn creature removal ability... hard to beat, too bad it gets me too... but black is all about reanimation... Shallow Grave and Nicol Bolas come to mind...

#5 - Land's Edge : Discard a card from your hand: If the discarded card is a land card, ~this~ deals 2 damage to target player. Any player may play this ability.
*Tired of drawing lands late game - they now deal 2 damage... Run in a Red sligh or burn deck, every card you play deals damage... It would take a lot of work to do that in another color... Unfortunately your opponent gets to use the ability also... victor is the player with most life...

#4 - Forsaken Wastes : If a player would gain life, that player gains no life instead. ; At the beginning of each player's upkeep, that player loses 1 life. ; When ~this~ becomes the target of a spell, that spell's controller loses 5 life.
*Multiplayer and White/Green decks beware... Life gian is not an option. Run in a burn deck, this is a very quick and deadly combination with fast creatures, or direct damage. I remember this giving a whole new meaning to "Suicide Black". Also, notice, that the spell targeting the Wastes doesn't have to resolve... Null Brooch is nice here...

#3 - Hall of Gemstone : At the beginning of each player's upkeep, that player chooses a color. Until end of turn, lands tapped for mana produce mana of the chosen color instead of their normal color.
*Not only is this card the bane of Multi-color decks, this card banes all decks opposing you not mirroring your deck. If only there was a faster way to get it out against Blue!... Oh well... they won't be countering much...

#2 - Tombstone Stairwell : Cumulative Upkeep {1}{B}. ; At the beginning of each upkeep, if ~this~ is in play, each player puts into play a 2/2 black Tombspawn Zombie creature token with haste for each creature card in his or her graveyard. ; At end of turn or when ~this~ leaves play, destroy all Tombspawn Zombie tokens put into play with it. They can't be regenerated.
*If you want to see some interesting play arise from a slow game, put this into play. Run it with Altar of Dementia or Goblin Bombardment and watch as your opponent's eyes pop out in disbelief... Black achieves a lot with a few buried alives...

And now the creme de la philly cream cheese?...

The #1 card on my Top 10 list for Enchant Worlds:

Eye of Singularity : When ~this~ comes into play, destroy each permanent with the same name as another permanent, except for basic lands. They can't be regenerated. ; Whenever a permanent other than a basic land comes into play, destroy all other permanents with that name. They can't be regenerated.
*I would coin the term "bee-autch" as This came into play, if it hadn't already been done... so I'll just use it everytime this hits play. Control doesn't get any better than this, not for White, and Blue's not a color, it's more of a religion, a cult following. But Eye of Singularity is the mother of all control for White Decks... above Wrath of God, and tied with Armageddon, well, 'cause we all know mana denial is just flat out unbeatable if played correctly.

Well... Hope you enjoyed reading about Enchant Worlds!

As soon as I come up with another topic to write about(probably five minutes after this is submitted), I'll begin writing on the next topic to run through my mind.

Until then, may your opponent let you smack them for playing Blue...


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