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1.5 Fever is spreading!!!...
By Robert Hilliard
Another Train Tourney Report…

Title: Monthly Mayhem
Format: 1.5
Head Judge: Yours Truly

This is the second 1.5 tourney to be held in San Angelo, and I must say, a lot of dust is being wiped off binders and boxes, as people that haven’t played in up to 3 years showed up for the tourney…

We had 17 people playing, 5 more than the last tourney, with 5 more saying they’d like to play next time… That could be 22 people!!!…

Anywho – I’m excited… This is San Angelo, TX, where, up ‘til now, I found almost no real Magic crowd… to let you know how significant San Angelo is to those of you in bigger cities… This is your BFE…

Now on with the report:

Sign ups saw 7 new DCI members, and a madhouse of deck checks. To explain: I did a one-time deck check before the tourney began., since there were changes in the banned /restricted list since the last tourney we had.

All decks were legal, and so we began our 4 round swiss, cut to the top 8.

Round 1:
No real rules questions here.

Round 2:
Q: Are Dark Rituals legal?
A: They are.
Q: Are you sure?
A: This list says so.(showed the list to them)
Q: If my mana web is in play, and he taps a land, how can he float mana?
A: Explained the trigger, and speed of tapping mana, and how they’d apply to the stack.

Round 3:
Q: Can he sacrifice a Blastoderm with no fading counters on it to satisfy Braids?
A: Yes.
Q: What happens if my opponent and I are in the 3rd game and time runs out?
A San Angelo had it’s first “5-turn” process to end the match, as a draw.

Round 4:
Q: How much damage is the shock going to do with a repercussion and a furnace of Rath in play?
A: 4 to the creature and 8 to the controller of the creature. Explained the Furnace replacing the 2dmg. with 4, then the Repercussion trigger, and the 4 there being replaced with 8.

Top 8:
Notbale Quarterfinals:
B/G Braids vs. Elves
Elves took the first one, but Braids, Scutas, Blastoderms, and Spiritmongers were just too much for the forest lovers to handle…

Slivers vs. U/R Magpie
The slivers lost the first one, but came back the last 2.

Psychatog vs. Slivers
Tog was just too much for the army of slivers to handle.

B/G Braids vs. Elves
Braids took this one 2-0. The land destruct, braids combo was just wrong!…

Psychatog vs. Braids
They tied 1-1, and the Braids player conceded the 3rd game… it was getting late and they had PT at 5:15(military PE, for those of you not knowing)

Out of 17 people, everyone got something… 1st got 16 packs, 2nd got 8 packs, 3rd got 4 packs, and 4th got 3 packs. We even gave out 3 boosters as door prizes. All other players not making the top 4 got to randomly pick from a stack of DCI cards(foils/lands) that the shop had.

Not bad for $5.00 huh?!!!…

That’s it for the tourney report!
‘Til next time!


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