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Experimenting with Multi-Player
By Bob Pittman
I've often wondered how a tournament player would approach a multi-player format.
Can a net deck work in multi-player? What would happen if a well known player
developed an interest in multi-player? Would he or she crush us casual players?

Over the last few weeks, I've emailed some well known players and ask them what
type decks they would build for MP. They were all nice in there replies but most of
them said they had little interest in such a casual format. A few of them were willing
to offer deck advice and I look forward to our future conspondence.

I play Multi-player about twice a month(Tribes or otherwise)but I've never tryed to
approach the format from a tournament players perspective. This article will present
some decklist that are based on current and/or past Type II net decks. The idea is to
see if its even possible to win with a net deck in multi-player. I'm not the greatest
deckbuilder, so if your a tournament player and you think I've done a horrible job
constructing these decks, then I challenge you to come up with a MP version of
your favorite net deck. Then write an article about it. I'd love to see some decklist
from a regular tournament player. I only play constructed tournaments about twice
a year so my experience is very limited.

Before I go any further I need to explain some of the basic construction guidelines for
these decks. All of them follow the Type One banned and restricted list. They have
atleast 70 cards and they are built for three or four player games. The mana ratio is
around forty percent and they are designed with my card pool in mind.)

My first experiment is a MBC variant. I call it Multi-player Black Control. Black has a
great creature removal base but tends to be weak at artifact and enchantment removal
so I added White to the decklist in order to fill in some of the holes. I also added a few
creatures because playing a near creatureless deck in MP will get me killed rather

A card that seemed important to this build is Scion of Darkness. My thought process
concluded that if I can wipe the board of creatures then play a Scion ,and keep it in play
a few turns, I could start reanimating my opponents dead guys for some serious fun.

The whole deck is full of high cc spells so it may not work very well. Things don't really
start coming together until turn four. If my opponents attack early and often I'll be out
of the game rather quickly.

Multi-player Black Control(MpBC) [71cards]
4 - Drain Life
4 - Syphon Soul
4 - Syphon Mind
4 - Vindicate
4 - Diabolic Tutor
3 - Mutilate
1 - Sol Ring
1 - Yawgmoth's Will
1 - Planar Portal
1 - Demonic Tutor
1 - Subversion
1 - Mirari

4 - Wall of Souls
4 - Shambling Swarm
1 - Guiltfeeder
1 - Visara the Dreadful
1 - Scion of Darkness

18 - Swamp
4 - Scrubland
4 - Caves of Koilos
3 - Cabal Coffers

My second experiment is built around one of my favorite Exodus cards(not Survival) Its.....
Cataclysm. I tryed to think of one of the most annoying standard deck that I've faced over
the years and came up with Balanc-Tings. There are other annoying decks but I've got the
cards to make a Tings variant so I went with that basic idea. Cataclysm is serious board
control but doesn't completely wipe that board so maybe my opponents won't gang up on
me quite as bad. The idea is to Pattern a Wall on something then cast Catalysm and get an
Enforcer and rule the air. Other possiblities include putting an Elephant Guide on something
or enchanting a land with Squirrel Nest before the Cataclysm. I think Pattern would be the
best choice though. Putting a Pattern on a Yavimaya Elder would be pretty sweet too.

Mysticlysm W/G [70 cards]
4 - Nimble Mongoose
4 - Wall of Roots
4 - Yavimaya Elder
4 - Werebear
4 - Mystic Enforcer

4 - StP
4 - Seal of Cleansing
4 - Pattern of Rebirth/Elephant Guide/Squirrel Nest
4 - Cataclysm
1 - Balance
1 - Sol Ring
1 - Zuran Orb
1 - Land Tax
1 - Regrowth
1 - Enlightened Tutor

10 - Forest
9 - Plains
4 - Savannah
4 - Brushland
1 - Windswept Heath

The next deck is a Rock and his Millons MP variant. Genesis, Spiritmonger and Pernicious
Deed are pretty good MP cards in my experince. This deck is pretty close to Sol's original

Multi-player Rock[70 cards]
4 - Birds of Paradise
4 - Spike Feeder
4 - Spiritmonger
4 - Yavimaya Elder
3 - Wall of Roots
2 - Genesis
2 - Spike Weaver
2 - Uktabi Orangutan
1 - Deranged Hermit
1 - Phyrexian Plaguelord

4 - Worldly Tutor
4 - Pernicious Deed
3 - Feast or Famine
1 - Vampiric Tutor
1 - Demonic Tutor
1 - Regrowth
1 - Living Death

4 - Llanowar Waste
2 - Bayou
9 - Forest
6 - Swamp
4 - Treetop Village
1 - Dust Bowl
1 - Gaea's Cradle
1 - Volrath's Stronghold

The last deck is a multi-player variant of John`O "Deep Dog." This decklist is quite a bit
different that the original version and he may want to slap me around for messing with
his/their design. I added several cards that should have some synergy with the basic
concept. Hopefully its not messed up to bad.

Multi-player Wonder Dog[70 cards]
4 - Wild Mongrel
4 - Basking Rootwalla
4 - Arrogant Wurm
3 - Wonder
3 - Masticore
3 - Waterfront Bouncer
3 - Squee, Goblin Nabob

4 - Circular Logic
4 - Roar of the Wurm
4 - Accumulated Knowledge
3 - Compulsion
1 - Regrowth
1 - Crop Rotation

10 - Forest
10 - Island
4 - Yavimaya Coast
4 - Tropical Island
1 - Gaea's Cradle

I'm going to try these out next week. It will be rather interesting to see how I'll do. My friend's will
hammer me pretty hard for trying such nonsence but in the end they'll except it as just another
one of my silly experiments.

Bob Pittman
A.K.A. Captain Caveman

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