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March Madness Tourney Report
By Robert Hilliard
March Madness Tournament Report – No not the basketball one… though Bob Knight should’ve won it all…

Dateline: 3/18/03.
Place: Specialties: Games, Toys, and Gifts – San Angelo, TX
Head Judge – Yours Truly

Now the interesting Stuff:

Format 1.5

Now on to the questions… and note – all these were from only 1 player…

Pre-tourney questions:
Q: What’s 1.5 mean?
A: (Note we’ve advertised this for a month) You can use any card from any Magic set that is tournament legal as long as it is not on this list and excluding portal, starter, and unglued sets, unless the card is reprinted in a legal set.(I handed him the list.)
Q: What’s a Black Lotus? And these Mox Gems?
A: How long have you been playing Magic?(A: 3 months), They are very expensive, undercosted cards, that give a great advantage to the person using them. And they’re hard to get without enough money, so they’re banned.
Q: Is my deck legal?
A: Checked the Deck – legal, though it’s the first time I’ve seen a gaea’s liege in a tourney deck…

Rounds 1 – 5:
Q: Can he blood lust my creature?
A: Yes.
Q: Why can the ball Lightning attack if it doesn’t have haste?
A: Explained the way rules and errata work and that haste is the same as unaffected by summoning sickness.
Q: Can he tap for red mana if I use my Liege to turn his mountain into a forest?
A: Yes, he can.
Q: How come?
A: He has a chance to respond to the ability, before the mountian is actually turned into a forest.

Round 6 – 9:
Q: My opponent said he was going to take a mulligan. Can I take one if I don’t have any?
A: Explained mulligan…

Round 10 – 12:
No questions – Needless to say this was a cut to the top 8, and these guys knew what they were doing.

The championship deck was mono-red ball lightning, blood lust, bolt…, second place was blue black hand control, denial…

I did get to see diamond valleys, and ali from cairos being played…
The overall tournament went well, and we have another next week… 1st place got 12 packs, 2nd got 7, third got 3, and 4th got 2. Not bad for a $5 entry fee huh?!…
‘Til the next report!

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