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Ahh the Joys of Ebay
By Jeremaih Johnson
Ahh the Joys of Ebay

First off let me apologize on missing last week. It has been a rough week and a half since I’ve seen you guys. My paypal account was hacked, and I lost near $3,000. Hopefully it can be recovered though. Also, let me say that after reading Sean’s column on cheating…I agree 100%…it was very insightful. I’ve been there and I feel for ya.

Now on to this week’s topic, Ebay. Ebay is a wonderful too for anyone who has something they want, and something they want cheap. But Ebay also has a dark side. And it is that dark side that I’m going to talk to you about today.
I’ve been buying magic singles and lots on Ebay now for almost 2 years. Selling for the last year. I’ve been burned, and it sucks. So pay attention, I want to help you not get burned on Ebay. These are tips and rules I’ve put together to help all of us in our ever-lasting quest for deals on magic singles.


Tip 1: READ FEEDBACK!!!!! It is there for a reason. See how many negatives the seller has, see if the negative feedback appears to be well thought out feedback, or if its just hurtful retaliatory feedback.
Tip 2: If it seems to good to be true, IT IS! When you are cruising for the bomb rare cheap and you see a Beta Mox for 10$, odds are it is a Collectors Edition card. Read all the fine print very carefully! Also…repack auctions are NOT the way to go. Well I shouldn’t say that. Some are honest. I would suggest not only reading feedback, but going back and looking at their previous auctions. If they use the same picture of the same P9 for the last 30 auctions, odds are, those cards are not in there. See if the person is willing to list what you are likely to get, or send scans.
Tip 3: CHECK SHIPPING PRICES! If you see a rare for a penny, ask yourself how they can afford to do that. THEY CANT! I know, I’ve tried. So what will they try to do to recoup losses? Jack up the shipping cost. Shipping on single cards shouldn’t cost more than two dollars for shipping in a top loader and a bubble envelope (1st class USPS). Don’t end up paying 3-4 dollars for 1st class shipping on a single card.
Tip 4: Ask questions! Don’t hesitate to ask the seller a question, if he doesn’t answer, don’t bid! Simple as that.
Tip 5: Look at the pictures VERY carefully! If they say the card is VF or NM, and its only G, you can get your money back. IF THEY SHOW A PICTURE, you cant. That is considered to absolve the seller from any responsibility.
Tip 6: Pay through paypal, or checks, whenever you can! Why? Because this leaves a record of funds being received, so that seller can’t claim ignorance as to the status of your payment. Also if you pay through paypal, pay in one lump sum, because paypal takes fees out of EACH payment. Your seller will appreciate it.

For the SELLER:

Tip 1: Be HONEST!! DON’T LIE!!! Honestly represent your cards, your shipping costs, and everything else. If we are honest and kind to people, I honestly believe they will be to us…and if not…that’s what rule two is about…
Tip 2: Never leave feedback until they have for you. This sounds bad, but too often will a buyer try to extort something out of you in return for not ruining your good name.
Tip 3: File a FVF and NPB BEFORE leaving Neg feedback. This way they may have lost their account so they can’ leave you Neg feedback as well.

That’s all I got for this week…but check back next week…I think we will be talking about MTGO and why I love it J. You can catch me anytime online under the user name “Kugelblitz” (German for ball lightning).

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