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What color are you?
By Jeremiah Johnson
What color are you?

Quite some time ago my friend and teacher, Lawrence Ledy, asked me a question. He looked me deep in the eyes and said, “You got any Doritos?”
The only reply I could muster was, “of course fool, but I’m still going to attack you with my Rancor enchanted Endless Wurm.”
Now your probably asking yourself once again, what that has to do with anything. It has everything to do with anything. My bud taught me that if your going to play magic, keeping yourself well stocked with munchies is a must for those long tourney days, or those all night play sessions where the whole gang comes over to watch the star wars trilogy straight through and play magic. But that is only one of the minor lessons that I was taught, and that I continue to teach to those who come to me to learn. I think one of the most important questions he ever asked me, and a question I ask the new kids I teach to this day, was, “What color are you?”
I had no idea what he was getting at. I had just started playing. Bought a few starter decks and some pre-cons. I didn’t know. He went on to explain, “Everyone has a color. A preference. They will play that color more often than any other. They strive to collect cards from that color. What color are you?”
I didn’t know. I finally just stammered out that I liked playing with counterspells and he just smiled. I had found my color. My color was blue. Now, I’ve been shaky with blue from time to time. Like back when Urza’s Legacy came out (the introduction of foils for the newer players) I got a rare card called ‘Fleeting Image.’ I hated it. I didn’t understand it. Didn’t like it. Didn’t want to get one. So we made a bet, if one of us got a foil fleeting image (we actually compared this card to scrapheap…oh well we all make mistakes), I would eat it. Needless to say the very next pack I bought that week had a foil inside. I ate it. I really wish I hadn’t now. I understand that it’s a great card. Sorry, I strayed from the point.
What I’m getting at is that when you figure out what color you are, you will be a lot more comfortable when you play. Maybe it’s the focus that you get from sticking to one or two colors, but it just makes life so much easier. The first thing I did when I got onto MTGO was to put together a wizard deck out of my meager card pool.
On a larger scale, even if your not sure about your color, everyone has a favorite card. And I’m not talking about the tournament winning cards that are sought after. I mean the card that you picked up as a newb, thought it was the coolest thing every, and still play with to this day. I have several favorite cards, they are my favorites for varied reasons. My Icy Manipulator is one of my favorites because it is the very first beta card I ever laid my hands on. My Shivan Dragon is my favorite because it’s the coolest card I got out of the German Beta (revised) box. But those are both GOOD cards. My favorite card that isn’t really considered good is from Arabian Nights. It is a Giant Tortoise. A common (I think), it was really lame. But you can bet that when I am playing blue and the format doesn’t matter, I always sneak four of him in there.
Please, reply in posts. Tell everyone what color you are. What is your favorite lame card! Tell us…think of it as a support group. Your not alone, everyone has a lame favorite.
That’s all for this week, remember, don’t be afraid to play with a card you like, one others might sneer at. Keep the game fun, always be true to yourself, and your color. Until next time…keep it real.

Jeremiah Johnson

P.S. If any of you are buying/selling on Ebay (magic of course) and have been burned Id like to hear about it and get the persons name. I am compiling a list of dead-beat sellers that like to rob newbies. Just email me.

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