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What to do with your spare commons
By Jeremaih Johnson
Hi All! I’m new to the site…but I have A LOT of free time on my hands…so I plan sharing my wisdom with all of you on a quasi-regular basis. Now, if you are at all like me, your asking yourself, “What gives this guy the right to tell me ANYTHING about magic?”
The answer to that question? I don’t have the right, but I’m going to spread my wisdom anyways. J. Seriously, I have 6 years of playing experience, and I like making decks that make the people that play against them laugh…then very embarrassed if they lose. I plan on writing about the side of magic not enough people dwell on now in days. The fun side (or just the weird/un-explored stuff), the side where even if you don’t win, everyone is laughing. The kind of decks that use Goblin Game, Illicit auction, or Scrapheap…A.K.A crapheap. Ok…so maybe I wont be using quite that low quality of cards. But I do intend to help everyone have some fun, and expand his or her horizons. I like feedback, and I expect it, that’s your job as a reader!. I discovered recently that I’m not perfect…that was a crushing blow let me tell you. But enough about me, moving on to today’s topic:

But, I don’t have any Rares!

Let me explain why I choose this to write today. Having recently graduated from High School, I still remember the games where I played the freshmen who just started. I would whip out my newest version of Pi (mono blue control, named Pi because they had a better chance of calculating the exact value of Pi than winning) and they would almost cry. It got to the point that because I had such a large card pool, and they had virtually nothing, they wouldn’t play with me because they always lost. Dare I say…I was the big fish in the little pond…Hahahahaha. So I made a deal. They would let me play, IF (and that’s a big if), I used a deck with NO rares, and NO un-commons. So I sat down and began the challenge.
How I started. First I sat and thought about what colour of deck I wanted, and what cards would support that colour well that were common. This is the list I came up with:

Black- Duress, Ostracize, Dark Ritual, looming shade, etc. With black I was aiming at some sort of discard with a pump-able creature.

Blue- Counterspell, Powersink, Spellblast, Miscalculate, Gush, Waterfront Bouncer, Sigil of sleep, Hermetic study (common? I don’t remember), etc. I was thinking control, since blue is by far my FAVORITE colour, and control is what it does best.

Green- Lanowar Elf, Fyndhorn Elves, Priest of Titania, Scaled wurm, Rancor, Pouncing Jaguar, Wolly Spider, Yavimaya Wurm, Giant Growth, Yavimaya Granger, etc. The list went on and on. Obviously with green it would be some sort of accelerated creature mana, with BIG fatties to smack it home.

Red- Shock, Lightning bolt, lava axe, etc, it was ALL burn…except for my favorite Goblin, which is Mogg Fanatic. But the point here was quick direct damage.

At this point, I quit brainstorming. That’s right, didn’t even consider white. Even though white had the Runes/Circles of Protection. Care to guess which color won? That’s right boys and girls, green won, hands down.

You’ve selected a colour, now what?

I started with the Mana base on the deck. The first question I asked myself, as I looked at all the common Mana producers green has, was how much Mana is too much? The answer I came up with is simple. You can NEVER have too much Mana. Even if you need to use it commit ritual Hari Kari and Mana burn for 50. So I started with 20 lands. I put in 16 Basic Forests, and 4 Slippery Karsts (green cycling land from Saga). There is my land Mana base. I started putting in elves. I love elves. They remind me of my Chemistry Teacher that I had for all 4 years in HS (Micro P, Chem. 1, AP Chem., Lab Assistant/internship). So I put in 4 of each of the Lanowar Elf, Fyndhorn Elves, and Priest of Titania. Wow. That’s A LOT of Mana. Which is good, since most of the common fatties that I want to use cost a lot.
Next step went to was selecting creatures. I wanted creatures that were obscure and that no one in their right mind used on a regular basis. So I started of with Scaled Wurm from Ice Age. A 7/6 creature, for only 8 Mana! What a bargain! The next creature I put in was the Yavimaya Wurm from Legacy. A 6/4 creature, for only 6 Mana…and this one had trample to boot!
Now at this point my best friend who is sitting and watching, trying to contain his laughter (not doing a good job either), asked why I didn’t use the Saga echo creatures. I thought…hmmm…ok. So I pulled out Winding Wurm. A 6/6 trampling creature, for only…wait…whats this?!? Winding Wurm didn’t have trample. Hmmm. I put it in anyways. With a Mana cost of 5 (don’t forget about the echo) it still was usable. For the Surprise factor I put in 3 Simian Grunts from Legacy. So here is what I got for the deck so far:
16x Forest
4x Slippery Karst

4x Lanowar Elf
4x Fyndhorn Elves
4x Priest of Titania
4x Scaled Wurm
4x Winding Wurm
4x Yavimaya Wurm
3x Simian Grunts

Only 47 cards…generally I think that playing 60 is best, sometimes maybe more. So I thought about what this particular deck was lacking. TRAMPLE. So I decided to add Rancor from Legacy (why this was common I do not know). I then found another nifty elf as I was rooting through my boxes. Again from the Saga set (I think the Urza block had some series issues), this card, Elvish Herder. Not only did it give my creature trample for a single green Mana, but it was an elf too. So 4 of each of those, that raised the total to 55 cards. I decided that since I was going to have A LOT of Mana floating around, it wouldn’t hurt to play with 3 Streams of Life. 58 cards. Drat! What to add in? I finally decided on Heart Wardens from Destiny. They could tap for Mana, helped power up the Priest of Titania, and could Sacrifice to draw a card. So I thought I had my deck.
I took it too school proudly the next day and proceeded to lose. Why? Because a pyroclasm in the first game blew out all my little elves and I couldn’t get anymore, and a Wrath of God the second game killed every last fattie I had. So to solve this problem of mass removal, I added in 4 Repopulates. Here is the final decklist:


16x forest
4x Slippery Karst

4x Priest of Titania
4x Lanowar Elf
4x Fyndhorn Elves
4x Elvish Herder
2x Heart Warden
4x Scaled Wurm
4x Yavimaya Wurm
4x Winding Wurm
2x Simian Grunts

Other Spells:

4x Rancor
4x Stream of life
4x Repopulate

Total card count: 64. But that’s ok. This deck actually did really well. It was a lot of fun to make, and a lot of fun to play. Nothing like beating someone over the head with a Rancored Scaled Wurm. If you have any decks that are made entirely of commons and want to share them with me, feel free to email me at If you have something you want me to write about, look at, or analyize…Id be happy too.

Until next week children, this is Jeremiah Johnson signing off.

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