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Casual Deck Contest-Foil Prizes
By Kirsin Koch
I'd like to stimulate the interest people have in creating new and original decks, so I'd like to offer three foils from my own collection as prizes.

1st place: Choice of any of the following foils-
Walking Sponge
About Face

2nd place: Choice of any of the foils leftover from above-

3rd place: One of whatever is leftover.

First, I want at least 20 total articles/decklists. I'll accept a decklist and a good explanation as an article so that anyone can put in multiple entries. People can submit multiple decks as long as they're different ideas in intent and content.

Second, I want the card to obviously play a major role in the deck and for the whole deck to have synergy. However, I will accept theme decks as long as they're extremely on theme and workable. The cards should work together, like Indentured Djinn and Multani work together.

Third, the card to be used in the deck has to be something that's not often used (yes, that's pretty broad, so feel free to stretch it a little). I'd prefer the cards that have a drawback that you have to work into the deck (like Indentured Djinn). Also, I'd like it to be limited in rares, as in I don't want to see a lot of Bargain, Replenish, and Masticores in these decks. Horn of Plenty, for example, is extremely acceptable. Any amount of rares are okay as long as they are more easily obtainable for the less wealthy players. Millstone decks would be an example of decks with a high possiblity of rares while not being as expensive as German Dragon decks.

Fourth, the creators are free to post their decks in the Decks Section to get ideas and improvements.

Fifth, no rip-off's please. Crackdown already has dibs on the Abusing Task Force idea. However, I will accept decks that are different with a similar kill method as long as at least 60% of the deck is changed (not including lands).

Please submit these throught the articles section under the Casual Articles page. Here's some card ideas I'd like to see:
Lotus Blossom
Indentured Djinn
Horn of Plenty
Dakkon Blackblade
Mercadian Atlas
Worry Beads
Monkey Cage

Mainly, I'm just trying to encourage people to submit some interesting, unique decks to our repository. I'd really like to see more things like Abusing Task Force in our Articles section. Articles will be graded on using something different and interesting, not how fast it can kill. I'm looking for things no one else has considered seriously because it's not tier 1 but is still interesting and fun to play.

Zadok and Crackdown have done both created a viable and interesting deck for the casual player and that's what I'm looking to see more of.

Use your favorite cards people. These decks don't have to be automatically viable in a given format or anything. Yes, they have to be good, but interesting too. I'd like to see some interesting ideas for everyone to use. Remember, I too dismissed Greater Good as unplayable and Zadok proved my totally wrong. I'm really looking for decks that aren't Tier 1 and win through something a little different, like slowly whittling away at your opponent's life total with Cyclone or something.

Here's an example of the type of deck I'm looking to see:

“Splintering Wind o’Rama”
Colors: White/Green
Created by: Stephen Laird
Description/Theme: Everything in your deck works well with Splintering Wind
Source: Library of Dominia

1 Cessation
3 Enlightened Tutor
2 Juniper Order Advocate
4 Moonlit Wake
2 Noble Purpose
2 Wrath of God

2 Abundance
4 Fungusaur
2 Land Grant
2 Spidersilk Armor
4 Splintering Wind
2 Sylvan Library

2 Asmira, Holy Avenger

2 Eye of Yawgmoth
3 Skull Catapult

6 Forest
3 Grasslands
7 Plains
4 Savannah
3 Thawing Glaciers

This deck wins by generating massive Splinter tokens while cushioning the damage they do. It's not a deck I've seen anywhere else and it works if it can keep from being disrupted.

I'm not worried if decks submitted in this contest can win against rebel decks or Ponza or Bargain. The entire idea is to create something new and different yet fun for someone to play with.

Have fun and may the most casual deck win!

-Kirsin Koch
Dune Echo

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