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Cheap New Monoblue Deck
By Andrew Bujorian
Alright folks, listen up. It is time to take a look at a new deck none of you have seen before. The only problem with this is that it is now in a very old format, type 1.5. It would be really great if they wouldn't have messed with extended, because I made this deck for the extended of a few months ago. Oh yeah, it is also the cheaspest deck I've ever seen. Well, before I bore you, here is the decklist.

4x Counterspell
4x Mana Leak
3x Arcane Denial
3x Force of Will

4x Flying Men
2x Fledgling Osprey
4x Cloud of Faeries

4x Brainstorm
2x Boomerang
4x Curiosity
4x Sigil of Sleep

18x Island
4x Quicksand

I'm going to start off by explaining to you how this deck came about, as I figure some of you may be interested. Back when Urza's block was molesting type 2 and I was beginning Magic, I decided I was going to make a blue beatdown. I made use of Veiled Sentry, Imaginary Pet, and Veiled Crocodile. I know, go ahead and laugh it up. I actually used a few good cards, such as the couterspells, the Curiosities, and the Sigil of Sleeps. Once I realized this deck sucked, I put it aside for a long time. About six months ago I pulled it back out and well, frankly, laughed my oink off. But it did give me a good idea, so I decided to go back into it now that I could call myself a decent player. Above is very close to what I came up with then. Let me tell you why I love this deck so much in a card by card analysis.

Flying Men, Cloud of Faeries, and Fledgling Osprey: Ten 1/1 flyers. Why would I want to include those, you say. Well, all three of these are in the deck for three reasons: to slowly whittle away my opponent's life, to kill jackal pups, wild dogs, etc., and to throw my two powerful creature enchantments on. These are...
Curiosity and Sigil of Sleep: I'm sure many of you can't remember what these do... Curiosity is a creature enchantment for one blue that reads: "If enchanted creature damages an opponent, you may draw a card." Sigil of Sleep is also a one-blue-mana creature enchantment that reads, "Whenever enchanted creature deals damage to a player, return target creature that player controls to its owner's hand." These are key in the deck so I include four of each. I'm sure the Curiositys make sense to everyone, but I would like to explain why I am including four Sigils. Against beatdown decks, this is the card I need to draw, while against more control-based decks it is almost useless, but I am packing two Force of Wills, so these are a good card to pitch should I be playing one of these control decks. I have found that even if I do draw more than one Sigil against a control deck, it is still worth it to have four of these for those beatdown matchups. Okay, thats enough of that. The Curiosities are an extra card every single turn for me. How can you not like that? There are almost no strings attached in this case. All one has to do is keep an opponent's big nasty fliers off of the board, which shouldn't be too hard when you are packing 14 counterspells. Sigil of Sleep allows me to dominate almost any creature based deck. Not many can stand up to having a creature bounced every turn, especially when the bouncing begins on turn three.
Brainstorm: This is just a really good one-drop. It allows me to select the cards in my hand a little better. This deck functions best when it gets equal amounts of the cards in each of the four categories listed in the decklist. If I am missing something from one of the categories, a Brainstorm will likely fix it.
Boomerang: Just in case some thing gets by me in the first few turns. I consdered other forms of bounce, but you can't beat the original for a cost that fits into the mana curve and all around usefulness.
Counterspell, Mana Leak, Force of Will, and Arcane Denial: The first three are no-brainers, but most would not include Arcane Denial. Allowing an opponent to draw two cards is almost never good. However, I am able to get rid of a card that I am sure will hurt me. Besides, the one and a blue casting cost is excellent, and when an opponent gets to draw two cards, one of them is likely to be a land, except against 10 land stompy. But then, this deck obliterates stompy anyway, so I don't really have to worry about that.
Quicksand: Ah, the good ol' "River Boa Eater." This card never fails to stop beatdown decks in thier tracks.
A couple of cards that I once considered were Impulse and Unstable Mutation. Howver, I found that in this deck, Brainstorm is good enough search, and I had no problems keeping my opponent in control for the extra turns that I would need to without the Unstable Mutations. I would consider it, however, in a beatdown environment.

This deck is quite simply the fastest straight blue control deck around. It contains no card with a casting cost of more than two and it plays the kill card and can counter every turn starting on turn two. Usually first turn I will play out one of these cards: Brainstorm, Fledgling Osprey, or Flying Men. Second turn I will usually hold back my two islands for a counter. Third turn I will drop another land and hopefully a Curiosity or Sigil of Sleep on the flyer that I have out. And there you have it. If I can keep control until my flyers kill my opponent, I win. I love watching this deck obliterate all control-style decks. It is really no contest in this case. It also does pretty good against quick combo decks, because it can keep up with them. The only deck that gives me major headaches is sligh. It tends to kill all of my flyers, so my sideboard is very heavy against sligh. Here it is.

4x Chill
4x Sea Sprite(a 1/1 flyer for one and a blue that has protection from red)
4x Annul(I really do hate combo decks)
1x Force of Will
2x Submerge(just a little extra hate versus stompy and the like)

So that is pretty much it. Try it out if you don't have any money. It works wonders for me. I would like to get some feedback on this, as I've never posted it before. Also, it doesn't have a name! This deck really needs a name, so someone please help me out!

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