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By Tom Bergmann
Tom Bergmann

Be isolated, be ignored, be attacked, be in doubt, be frightened, but do not be silenced.
-Bertrand Russell

I feel a little like that this week.

See, I went to that other site a few days ago. You know the one. It's where most of us first met. You know, the four letter word.

Right. Anyway, this was just after last week's rant about the banning of Dark Ritual (and my apologies about the length of that once more), and I was bored, so as I was surfing through my usual stops I ended up there.

Where I happened upon a rave out that put mine to total shame. Here was an article - an open letter to the DCI - that was simply astounding. I'd hardly be branded a staunch WotC supporter myself, but this guy called them every non-swearing name in the book!


There were also a half-dozen replies to the letter there, about half of which against the bannings and half in favor of them, but almost all of them flamed the guy for name calling.

Which I also attempted to do, I'll admit. Yes, I submitted a reply to the article in which I scolded the name-caller, then I expanded on some of the points I'd earlier made here on the subject. I actually thought the piece was pretty well written.


Maybe it's because I signed it just like I sign my submissions here. You know, with the CPA Member stuff. I've submitted there before like that, and what I submitted was not printed. I suppose I should have known better...

I also remember a thread on their BB, where something I had written had been snipped out a day or 2 later, along with a couple other posts. It was a long thread though, so I thought maybe they did it for a technical reason or something.

So I blew it off, thinking they're entitled to print whatever they want on their site, and if that's their reaction to seeing the CPA's name, well, I guess maybe they're missing their old boards too.

A few days later, I needed to look up a card, so I cruised over to Mox Perl, but instead of loading the page I got an "Access Forbidden" error code.


Then I tried that other site's card database. No matter what card name I searched for, the result I got was "No Matches Found". Even cards like Serra Angel. And it's been the same way every night since.

Amazing, huh?

I guess maybe I made an impression.

So watch what you say, and how you say it, boys and girls, or you too, can be forbidden. It's alright to submit something that sounds like it was written by a twelve year old on crack, but don't let them catch you with "CPA" anywhere near your name.

Lest ye also end up forbidden.

Tom Bergmann
TomB on the CPA BB
Proud CPA Member

"I do not teach. I simply reveal."
-Daudi, Femeref tutor

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