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Cards and Deck Ideas
By Alex Makhovykh

This is my first article for the cpa, and I want to thank all of the people, and especially FoundationOfRancor, as he was the one that gave me the idea to do what I'll be doing for this site from now on.

I, Alex Makhovykh, will now weekly write an article for the CPA. My articles will mostly be on card reviews, new deck types, and original ideas/combos. Just to introduce myself, my name is as I said Alex, and I reside in Toronto, Canada. I'm 14 years old, and come originally from Ukraine. My family moved to Toronto 3 years ago. I've played Magic for about a year and a half I believe, and I made a lot of research, playtesting, etc. throughout this time. And to all those who think that Canada is full of lumberjacks, you are wrong! :-)

Now I asked just a couple of people about what cards they'd like for me to rate and/or base decks around. Here are the three cards that I'll be doing in the following 3 articles: Attunement, Spontaneous Generation, and Crumbling Sanctuary. These ideas came from Webman632 from AOL messenger, Devil Doll from ICQ, and someone you all probably know by now- Arhar, respectively.

I will start with the first card: Attunement. You have probably seen this card in a lot if not all of the current type 2 Replenish decks, and I have to admit, it works great in there. It gets enchantments in the graveyard, while simultaneously going through your deck and getting you that Replenish you need to get the enchantments into play. However, I must say that there are other uses for the card as well. It combos great with Squee(s). It could be used great in Living Death decks. It could simply be used to go through your deck and getting you ahead 3 draws. In replenish decks it can also be used as a blocker, and then returned to hand. Simply put, the card is great when used wisely.
Sample Replenish Deck:
I'm sure you've seen a version of this before. This one is mine, and I twinkled around with it a bit.
Morphling x2
Birds of Paradise x4
Opalescence x4
Attunement x4
Opposition x3
Parallax Nexus x3
Parallax Wave x3
Confiscate x2
Treachery x1
Replenish x4
Mystical Tutor x3
City of Brass x4
Adakar Wastes x4
Brushland x4
Island x7
Plains x4
I know that this deck looks different from most of the other decks, but this is what I like about it. There are birds for fast mana, Parallax Nexus to get rid of your opponents threats that he's about to play, Parallax Wave, to get rid of his threats that are already in play, Confiscate and Treachery, to take over Worship for example. Try this deck out, and obviously play around with it, tine it the way you like.
Another way to use Attunement, as I mentioned above, is in a graveyard deck.

I must say I never used Recurring Nightmare much, so I'm gonna go for a Living Death deck next.
Spirit of the Night x1
Archangel x3
Birds of Paradise x4
Thorn Elemental x4
Llanowar Elves x3
Anarchist x1
Crater Hellion x1
Verdant Force x1
Hermit Druid x3
Survival of the Fittest x4
Attunement x4
Living Death x4
Reprocess x1
For this part I would usually put Dark Ritual, but since it's now banned in extended.... ah to hell with it.
Dark Ritual x4
Gemstone Mine x2
City of Brass x3
Bayou x4
Forest x 7
Swamp x6
Obviously this is not the kind of deck you've seen lately, since most graveyard decks are now based on "come into play" abilities of creatures, rather than simply killing your opponent with a bunch of monsters. However, this deck is quite versatile and allows you to pitch 4-5 monsters before casting death on turn 4. Attunement helps this deck by going through it, pitching creatures into graveyard, and finding you Living Death. Awesome card for this deck. Once again, you are free to try this deck, and alter it in any way you like. Try putting in Vampiric Tutors, Repopulates, and other stuff that will make sure you get the result you want.

Feel free to write me any comments or ideas.
You can post them here, or just send them to My ICQ number is 50871313, and my AOL messanger nickname is superguy2099.

Well, I don't want you people get tired of reading, so I'll finish here today. It's 9:37 in the morning, and I wanna get some sleep. Play well! This is Alex Makhovykh signing off.
"Hatred outlives the hateful."

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