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Burn is Back baby
By Joe Biggers
This is my current deck. I wish I had a bit more money to make a few mods, but it works fine this way.

For all of you with a soft spot for good old fashion mono-R BURN! (with a little something extra...)

Draconic Dreams:

Worldgorger Dragon x2 (Bear with me, I'll explain...)

Shock x4
Sonic Seizure x4
Fiery Temper x4
Flameburst x4
Firebolt x4
Lava Dart x4
Blazing Salvo x4
Breaking Point x2
Devastating Dreams x2
Burning Wish x2

Howling Mine x4

20 Mountains

This might look like your typical burn deck, but worse, but before you disregard it, just hear me out. You want to get your mine out early, that way, you can burn away at creatures, and thus, gain mad card advantage. Also, less efficient decks, and draw decks sometimes, tend to discard more cards to your mines then they would like to. Concentrait on creatures until you can manage to get the dragon and Dreams in your hand.

When you lay down your 8th land, play the dragon, and float 2 mana. Play the dreams and discard your hand (which should be quite sizable.) Seven cards is the best case scenario, because this way, you kill your dragon, gaining all of your resources back, and eliminate your opponet's board. Then, you draw strait burn to crispify your unlucky opponent. Can we say GAME?!

My current sideboard looks like this, but I'm just weird so feel free to mess with it.

Breaking Point x2
Devastating Dreams x2
Pyroclasm x2
Shower of Coals x2
Book Burning x2
Book Burning x2 (Draw out your opponent if you can't kill them)
Kamuhl, Pit Fighter x2
Manaclash x1 (Hee-hee-hee)

If I had the spare change, I would replace the Seisures with Browbeats, Especially with Words of War coming up in Onslaught. Words would be boosted by both the mines, and beats. Imagine asking and opponent if he would like to take 5 or 6 damage, his choice?

The Words themselves, would probably take place of Firebolt. Don't get me wrong, Bolt has saved my butt several times, but unlike most of this deck's burn, they are Sorcery speed, and you are basically gaining a Fire Bolt Catapult with Words of War anyway.

Well, have fun and tweak away! Enjoy!

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