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"Scrubs Corner": Take off every Zig!
By Shawn J. Houtsinger

I'll admit this will be a little different from what I usually talk about. I want to type something good that you all can read. Something you've never thought of.

Original material. Some insight into a new deck.

Nope. Sorry folks. Same old crap.

I am here to make a statement.

Who wants to take the Pepsi Challenge™?

Bad, but true, statement #1: I am tired of MTG elitists.

What do I mean? Who?

Well, I want to start off with some hacks. Yersh*

Remember that horrible site? Yeah, well it went to the trash can. Good.

Don't get me wrong, I love trash talking.

To a point. is good times. However, this site came from nowhere to merely mock others. Some things are funny on there, but for the most part, it's trash. But, hey, he is making money off the site by selling cards. He must be doing something right.

To belittle people.....because they think they are better than the next person.

Example: "Mouth" from T.A. getting the boot for cheating in a sealed tournament, now THAT is worth trash talking.

Joshua Claytor deserves it. He wrote an article that praised his bad plays and put his name in highlighted fashion over other GOOD players. Joshua deserved it...

How about a certain Mr. Mike Dove. Wow, this guy has ruined himself and his reputation (whatever there was) by his rude behavior in tournaments. He was found signing his articles bashing him at the Pre-release at PastTimes in Illinois last Saturday.

Those two people deserve the bashing.

So, I was on the internet and actually read an article that was amusing.

Ken Krouner actually writes an amusing article. I miss those. Remember the old Dojo days when you had random pro's or scrubs writing detailed reports? Go read the rest of his report on He writes with enthusiasm.

Something that is missing in Magic these days.
Writers writing WITH excitement.

I don't need another website bashing someone new to the scene because they are 'above' them.

Another site that has really made me cringe is

Well, to be honest, it is their forums.

Their articles aren't even read anymore. The good writers are slim but everyone wants to put throw in their two cents.

It has become a forum of whiners. Of people who write to merely......have their name up. Trash talking at its worst.

Name calling.


Bad, but true, statement #2: Every Magic player should be helpful to other Magic players.

All I hear is: "Yer Sh*t!"

Why is that? Because someone like you won't help me? Because your 'so good' at Magic and I'm not.

I could care less if you won a Pro Tour player or a scrub from Wisconsin. Heh, they are alike to me. Why would I put anyone like you on a pedestal.

Sure, its fun to play against Pro Tour players, if you never have, or to throw down some scrubby cards with some random in between rounds. Isn't that what is all about?

Pointless story: I was playing a constructed tournament a year ago against a new player. We'll call him "kissch"

He hadn't won a basic local tournament before, and I, however, had been ruling the Racine grounds for quite a while......waiting for some a young player to step up.

'Kissch' had a shot to beat me but made a mistake. A fatal mistake that would cost him the third game......but.....

I stop the game.

I back track and tell him how he should do it, and to attack me and see if he can at least mise up a card to kill me. He had a shot at least. Why not try? I told him to always play till the very last card. Most players just concede when they see the table turning on them. Their not used to fighting, or don't know how to, their way out and control the game again.

So, 'Kissch' did what I told him, and turned over his last card before I could kill him, and revealed a Ghitu Fire. One card. That is all it took, even with my board control.

I gave him the win, and congratulated him, and went home.

I could of taken the win.

Why though?

What would my opponent learn from it? What competition would I have if I let him merely be just "OK" at Magic?

I quess I am tired of players sitting in their 'good magic players group' and not play against a "random" or to throw down 5 colored. To chat. To give advice.


There are exceptions. I want to give credit where it is due.

I want you to remember the names I am about to list. These are players I have played against, talked to, and great individuals. Notice I didn't say MAGIC in there. It doesn't matter.

Mike Turian: I have seen him help out anyone. No matter who they are. Likes Magic, no matter what the format.

Bob Maher Jr.: He is quite friendly. I saw him help out some random drafter in Madison, and gave advice. Always up for gaming. Great individual. He is back from his suspension and, like David, has come with a 'fire'.

Adrian Sullivan: Every time I run into him, he is always cheery. He is one of the most honest players in MTG. His good natured attitude is what we need to see more of.

Kurt Hahn: The creator of 5 color. I mean, I have to list him since he did appear out of nowhere, and then started to do well at GP's and have his own format. He is loud, abrasive, but good times. He will chat it up with anyone.

David Williams: I played him once. I watched him being kind to other players during games. Also, he has quite a reputation in MTG, regardless of what DCI says.
Congratulations....your back, and your appearance at GP Cleveland was a !Bang!

If you have any questions with my comments, feel free to e-mail me.

Spiteful in Wisconsin,

Shawn J. Houtsinger

The one and only,


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