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"Scrubs Corner":All Your Base Are Belong To Us
By Shawn J. Houtsinger
Hello again,

The last article I dived into etiquette of Magic players in competitve games, or just in social settings. I received alot of positive replies, and I thought I would just skim the surface a little more.

One of best games I have seen wasn't Bob Mahear winning his first Pro Tour in Chicago. It was a good one, but not close. Nor was it Eric Taylor showing up for GP Milaukee and crashing the party by a surprise win. Nor was it any other game between two pros.

It was the game between Ryan Josing and Scott Seville.

Now, these are your top-of-the-line players. Ryan had just entered the game after a 4 year absense and just a month or two of gaming. Scott Seville is decent player, more importantly, a great individual.

So, what happened?

Here is Ryan Josing in the finals of a PTQ and he is a little nervous. Well, not that much. He was just happy to be there. After gulping about 50 points from Bob Albright, he was happy to be where we was. Ryan was playing G/W with a great sideboard against blue/green. Scott Seville was playing U/G which pulls 343545 Aether Bursts.

Well, Scott won, but what occured during the match, and after was what made this memorable. I will admit I have a little bias for Ryan since he a good friend of mine, but I think anyone watching the games would understand.

You can read Scott Seville's Report at:

Game one was one of the closest games I have seen in OBC in a long time. Scott was playing, "Where's Waldo" and Ryan couldn't find Glory in his deck. So, this game was a match-up of who could send the biggest fattie. Ryan got out the juggernaut of obc- Phantom Centuar, and had his reclamation and Vengeful Dreams pull, but Scott was able to keep in the game by pulling Roar of the Wurms. The game ended with Scott swinging into Ryan's army after pulling his 4th Aether burst and this third Circular Logic (can you show me how to mise Scott?).

The first game was so funny since both players relaxed about half way into the first game.
Scott was throwing jokes and Ryan was explaining just LONG ago he had played. The judges decided to throw in a few comments.

Second game was Ryan since he pulled a basic G/W hand.

The third game was over quickly. Scott had 3 Aether Bursts in his top 15 cards, and the game was decided quickly.

Afterwards, Ryan was, for a second, a little upset. Then he quickly shook it off and extended his hand to Scott with his best regards to him at the Pro Tour.

I wish I could give you a better description of the games, but these are ones that I hope to play in any finals with the game on the line.


Shawn J. Houtsinger
The one and only,

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