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Onslaught Green for Multi-Player
By Mike Marino
Ahh, good old Green. The color of cute furry squirrels, overcosted monsters, pointy-eared forest people, and Timmy. Yet after 4 years in the game green still remains my favorite color, although my reasons why that is have changed. Nowadays I like green because of its friendliness to multi-colored decks, its high amount of engines, and most importantly its surprisingly high number of tricks. And I've still got nothing against an army of 7/7 tramplers.

So does Onslaught Green bode well for the Multi-Player? If you are Green mage I encourage you to keep reading, and if you are not a Green mage you might want to see what you'll be running into. If you missed my mostly positive review of Onslaught White last week, you can find it


Let's get right down to it, and don't forget those abbreviations of mine.

Chaos is also known as Melee or Free-For-All
2HG: 2-Headed Giant analysis, although much of the time this outlook also corresponds to many different team based formats, such as 3 Headed Giant and

MP: Multi-player
CIP: Comes Into Play
CC: Casting Cost
EOT: End of Turn

Animal Magnetism 4G
Sorcery R
Reveal the top five cards of your library. An opponent chooses a creature card from among them. Put that card into play and the rest into your graveyard.

I surprisingly haven't heard much of anything about Animal Magnetism, considering it looks like a fixed version of Oath of Druids. It only works for you (which is rare with green enchantment engines), it has synergy threshold and flashback, and its fairly easy to set up its ability (think Soothsaying, Volrath's Stronghold, and Scroll Rack). Plus it will set off a Gaea's Blessing so you don't deck yourself. Or you could simply make sure every creature in
the deck is a good one. It is expensive, but it is definitely my favorite dumb green enchantment from Onslaught. It has a lot of MP potential. The
Green Mages (like myself) will enjoy this card. Another reason to like Animal Magnetism is that because it is unlikely that it will see play in constructed you should be able to get a 4-pack at a very reasonable price.
Chaos: Hmm, you get to abuse this while everyone else sits around with a thumb up their butt? CIP Bull's-eye.
2HG: You've got less opponents to get in your way, and a teammate that's got your back - Rock on.

Biorhythm 6GG
Sorcery R
Each player's life total becomes the number of creatures he or she controls.

Biorhythm is a very interesting card, one that has generated a lot of talk in many different gaming circles. This card was made for MP, and although it has gained attention by constructed players it will be in MP where Biorhythm will really shine. Simply put this card will end a lot of games for a lot of players, and while expensive it is so abusive in MP that many groups will ban it. Biorhythm for the most part just doesn't care what type of deck your opponent's are running. It gets around lifegain, damage prevention, and just about any engine that is out there. Sure there are ways to stop it, just not many.
There are a lot of things green can do to exploit this big sorcery, which is good because it will need it. Token generation, Mirari's Wake along with other forms of mana acceleration, and mass creature destruction might all be necessary to get it work. But that doesn't mean it will be difficult to do. My advice, if you really want to build a deck around it make sure to include City of Solitude in your deck, because you don't want it countered and you don't want to be burned out in response.
Chaos: If your opponent's know what you are up to, watch out. Also, be especially careful of counter and burn ability. This is why you'll need City of Solitude.
2HG: Not much changes here, except that you now share your life total and you probably have fewer opponents to worry about.

Bloodline Shaman 1G
Creature - Elf Wizard U
T: Choose a creature type. Reveal the top card of your library. If that card is a creature card of the chosen type, put it into your hand. Otherwise, put it into your graveyard.

While not a game-breaker, this is a neat little ability in decks that exploit Scroll Rack/Brainstorm tactics, or even the simple Worldly Tutor. By itself it is a solid card in a creature-type deck (probably an elf deck), and it could draw you a few cards over the course of a game. The best part about the Shaman, you choose the creature type upon activation, not when he comes into play. A unique and solid uncommon.

Broodhatch Nantuko 1G
Creature - Insect Druid U
Whenever Broodhatch Nantuko is dealt damage, you may put that many 1/1 green Insect creature tokens into play.
Morph 2G 1/1

A sleeping Saber Ants. Even with morph I can't see it being better than Saber Ants in general, but at 2 mana it doesn't need to be. It is a very sneaky blocker, and its better in MP because it will probably be blocking larger creatures. Plus you can get away with playing less than constructed worthy spells that deal damage to your own creatures. Definitely a cool creature that should see some play.

Centaur Glade 3GG
Enchantment U
2GG: Put a 3/3 green Centaur creature token into play.

Fairly expensive and relatively simple, but that doesn't mean the Glade not a powerful card. It does not have a per-turn restriction, which pretty much ensures that the mana crazy green mages will be making a slew of instant 3/3s. I know I've already mentioned Mirari's Wake way too many times in my 2 (well actually 1.2) articles so far, but seriously, did the Wake just because a staple or what? Awakening, along with other cards that untap your lands, will work pretty well with the Glade also.

Chain of Acid 3G
Sorcery U
Destroy target noncreature permanent. Then that permanent's controller may copy this spell and may choose a new target for that copy.

This card should have been red simply for the carnage it will create in MP. I warn you though, if you plan on packing this card I wouldn't run too many non-creature/land permanents.
Chaos: Its fun to think about a Chain of Acid going around the board in a circle of death and destruction, but that is unlikely to happen. Your opponents will probably realize that is exactly what you want to see happen, so expect your first target to extract a little revenge on you. If you decide to copy the spell expect similar results. What will be left will be a few problem permanents gone along with a good chunk of your mana base. Whether that's a good thing or a bad thing depends on the situation, but that is some serious card-disadvantage.
2HG: Chain of Acid is a little less chaotic in 2HG, but keep in mind that your teammate might not be too appreciative of you giving your opponents the opportunity to destroy his/her hard earned permanents.

Crown of Vigor 1G
Enchant Creature C
Enchanted creature gets +1/+1.
Sacrifice Crown of Vigor: Enchanted creature and other creatures that share a creature type with it get +1/+1 until end of turn.

There are more glamorous creature enchantments available for green, but in the right deck it can be a temporary Glorious Anthem. Being that it is sackable, it's not so bad with Nomad Mythmaker either. Not great, but not half bad.

Elvish Guidance 2G
Enchant Land C
Whenever enchanted land is tapped for mana, its controller adds G to his or her mana pool for each Elf in play.

This is a solid new enchant land card for green. It is a Wild Growth version of Priest of Titania. Typical problems with this card are that when an opponent kills the enchanted land its card disadvantage for you. Yet it gets a boost in the fact that lands are not near the vulnerability level of a 1/1 creature.
Chaos: There will probably be more elves in play besides yours. There will also be more Strip Mines to worry about.
2HG: How happy will your teammate be when you enchant one of their lands with this? Elvish Guidance has the potential to be very good in 2HG.

Elvish Pioneer G
Creature - Elf Druid C
When Elvish Pioneer comes into play, you may put a basic land card from your hand into play tapped.

This card is arguably a better turn 1 drop than Llanowar Elves (Wha-Wha-What!?!), and I will leave that debate/article for someone else to cover.

There are 2 problems with him that I can think of. The first is that it is nothing more than a chump blocker late game (if you are still holding lands in your hand it is probably for a reason), minus a Memory Jar here and there. The second is that the land must be basic, and that stinks for the non-basic maniacs out there like myself. Still, I fully expect this to replace Llanowar Elves in more than a few MP builds, as land based mana accel is substantially
better than 1/1 creature based mana accel. Another card I am surprised to hear so little about.

Elvish Scrapper - G
Creature - Elf (uncommon)
G, T, Sacrifice Elvish Scrapper: Destroy target artifact.

Scavenger Folk dressed like Mr. Spock, which means its better than the original in most circumstances.

Elvish Vanguard 1G
Creature - Elf R
Whenever another Elf comes into play, put a +1/+1 counter on Elvish Vanguard.

Make no mistake, in an elf deck (or any group that plays elves) this is about as efficient a green creature you will find. I've seen many a Titania's Chosen get big very quickly, and while this probably won't get so big it does get out 1 turn faster than the Chosen. Very good with Everglove Courier as well, since the Vanguard is begging for trample.

Elvish Warrior GG
Creature - Elf C

A lot of people have been talking about this card, and I just don't understand it. Green has better 2 drop elves than this vanilla 2/3, if it were a 3/2 I'd understand the excitement, but it is not. Its unsplashability doesn't even matter, because I don't see a reason why you'd ever want to splash it. Looks like a fugitive from Portal to me.

Enchantress's Presence 2G
Enchantment R
Whenever you play an enchantment spell, draw a card.

This is a fun option for Type 2 Enchantress decks, but even better it is a nice option in Type 1 casual to run along side Argothian Enchantress. My biggest issues with Verduran Enchantress is that it is too easy to kill for a 3 drop. Well, this isn't as easy to kill, it is easily splashable, AND it activates the Argothian Enchantress. Plus with Sterling Grove in play it becomes an Argothian that doesn't die to mass creature removal. This is an important feature in MP because of all of the mass creature removal there is. If there is a negative to be found when comparing the Verduran and the Presence, it's that this
can't be enchanted with Ancestral Mask. If you haven't seen an Enchantress deck in your group in some time, expect them to pop up again soon.

Everglove Courier 2G
Creature - Elf U
You may choose not to untap Everglove Courier during your untap step.
2G, T: As long as Everglove Courier remains tapped, target Elf gets +2/+2 and has trample.

A good card, even if it is vulnerable. A lot of elves get played in MP, and this makes every 1 of them that much better. Although I do have to admit, even though the cycle of Couriers is virtually identical, I am surprised the green one didn't get 1 extra point of toughness.

Explosive Vegetation 3G
Sorcery U
Search your library for up to two basic land cards and put them into play tapped. Then shuffle your library.

Another solid land fetch card for green. While mostly inferior to Skyshroud Claim (because it can't fetch dual lands and the lands come into play tapped) it will still see play in many domain builds. It might not be the best there is, but a 2 land speed advantage/deck thinner card is never something to scoff at.

Gigapede 3GG
Creature - Insect R
Gigapede can't be the target of spells or abilities.
At the beginning of your upkeep, if Gigapede is in your graveyard, you may discard a card from your hand. If you do, return Gigapede to your hand.

Wow, what house this thing is in just about every format. Gigapede is superior to Deadly Insect in every way, shape, and form. Beyond the fact that it is recursive, it also combos with just about every Odyssey block mechanic. I've heard people gripe because it doesn't have some form of evasion, try playing it with some incarnations. Compared to Weatherseed Treefolk (another great creature), this doesn't need to leave play in order for it to come back to your hand. Meaning that you can discard it at will, or get it into the 'yard with Buried Alive, or annoy counter decks, etc. etc. This card will probably be a chase rare, and for good reason.

Heedless One 3G
Creature - Elf Avatar U
Heedless One's power and toughness are each equal to the number of Elves in play.

While I don't like most of the Avatars, this is one of the few I'd put in a deck. Not only is it very easy for you to get a lot of elves into play, but chances are someone else is playing elves in a big MP game. Most importantly he has a form of semi-evasion in trample (something no other avatar has). It is a potential finisher for an elf deck that is actually an elf, which is made even more important because of the existence of Skyshroud Poacher.

Hystrodon 4G
Creature - Beast R
Whenever Hystrodon deals combat damage to a player, you may draw a card.
Morph 1GG

I can't say much about this guy that you probably haven't heard already. Except maybe it is a shame he is so good, because it means it will take some time and money to get my 4.

Invigorating Boon 1G
Enchantment U
Whenever a player cycles a card, you may put a +1/+1 counter on target creature.

While not as game-breaking as my lovely Astra Slide, this is still a playable card. Green got a few decent cyclers in Onslaught, as well as what may be the most popular cycler ever in Wild Dogs (Repopulate is no slouch either). The ability put +1/+1 counters on a target creature is something that green like very much, considering the popularity of Spikes, Phantoms, Tramplers, and eventually Mr. Babycakes.
Chaos: This gains in strength with every player that comes to the table, especially if your group likes to immediately build new mechanic based decks when a major set drops.
2HG: You can make your teammate's creatures larger as well.

Kamahl, Fist of Krosa 4GG
Creature - Druid Legend R
G: Target land becomes a 1/1 creature until end of turn. It's still a land.
2GGG: Creatures you control get +3/+3 and gain trample until end of turn.

My goodness, and I thought I liked the Red Kamahl. Overrun is a frightening spell, and it might have gotten scarier. He can be reused for however much mana you have, he can make your army better in both quality and quantity, and he can even combo with 1-point damage spells, Powder Keg, or Pernicious Deed to destroy your opponent(s)' mana base. Just downright leathal. Also has a target the size of Texas on his back.
Chaos: Should you even bother to play him in Chaos? Not only does he have "CIP Bull's-eye", but you should also expect the next few attack phases to be headed in your direction. One thing Kamahl is not, is subtle.
2HG: Ugh, the worst part here is that not only will I be playing him, but I fully expect the guys in my group to as well. A nice side-effect, you can activate your teammate's lands if necessary as well as respond to your teammate's Congregate.

Kamahl's Summons 3G
Sorcery U
Each player may reveal any number of creature cards from his or her hand. Then each player puts a 2/2 green Bear creature token into play for each card he or she revealed this way.

I'm not sure about the summons. I feel like it could be strong, but at the same time I feel like it will take a lot of work to maximise while not necessarily being worth the effect. Could work with discard, or following a big isntant card-draw spell, but I'll leave it for another person to try to break.

Krosan Colossus 6GGG
Creature - Beast R
Morph 6GG

Sigh, this card should have been so much better. I've already done my fair share of venting about him, but I don't mind a little redundancy. Why would I ever play this card over any other green fatty? Some green fatties have trample, others regeneration, and a few more both. This one only has its size, a prohibitive cost, and the potential to die to a Shock. Yes you can play him with Ixidor, Astra Slide, and/or Parallax Wave. Me personally if I'm going to build a Morph deck, I want my fatty to have some sort of evasion built in.

Krosan Groundshaker 4GGG
Creature - Beast U
G: Target Beast gains trample until end of turn.

The Groundshaker isn't necessarily a bad card, its just expensive and relatively boring. The abiliy to give beasts trample is good, there are just much faster ways to do so.

Krosan Tusker 5GG
Creature - Beast C
Cycling 2G
When you cycle Krosan Tusker, you may search your library for a basic land card, reveal that card, and put it into your hand. Then shuffle your library.

I absolutely love this card. It is uncounterable, instant card advantage that cleans your mana base early game and is a 6/5 fatty late game. Better yet, the Tusker is brutal with Genesis (thanks go to Trollman on the MTGnews boards). You will see this card for a long long time.

Leery Fogbeast 2G
Creature - Beast C
Whenever Leery Fogbeast becomes blocked, prevent all combat damage that would be dealt this turn.

Hmm, well its a good 4/2 wall, and its pretty nasty if your opponent can't block (Unquestioned Authority comes to mind). But in general there are better 3-drop creatures for green that don't need tricks to be efficient.

Mythic Proportions 4GGG
Enchant Creature R
Enchanted creature gets +8/+8 and has trample.

Mythic Proportions - Nomad Mythmaker. Mythic Proportions - Nomad Mythmaker. Its the subliminal combo WotC is going for here. Yes it is immature and expensive and begging for card-disadvantage via removal: that's exactly what makes this card fun. There are other things you can do with this besides the Mythmaker though, like Academy Researchers. If you get the mana to hard-cast it, try throwing it on a Cephalid Constable.

Naturalize 1G
Instant C
Destroy target artifact or enchantment.

It will be a long time before I ever play Creeping Mold again. Ye of thee White Cape must be mighty pissed off about this sucker.

Overwhelming Instinct 2G
Enchantment U
Whenever you attack with three or more creatures, draw a card.

This is a neat little personal Howling Mine for Green players, as it works quite well with many green strategies. Overwhelming Instinct is pretty good with
the Gustcloak creatures, with effects that allow you to gain extra attack phases, and with Glory. What I don't like about it is that it is relatively easy to disrupt the Instinct player's ability to be able to draw cards, and that its effect is nearly redundant. What I mean by that is if you are capable of attacking with 3 critters a turn you are probably in a winning position anyway.
Chaos: Pretty good actually, because the percentage for 3 of your creatures being able to attack goes up with each other opponent you have.
Simultaneously, you usually do not want to attack all out in Chaos.
2HG: Its harder to get those creatures through this time because you've got a bigger wall of blockers to get through. But Glory helps.

Primal Boost 2G
Instant U
Target creature gets +4/+4 until end of turn.
Cycling 2G
When you cycle Primal Boost, you may have target creature get +1/+1 until end of turn.

Compare this card to Invigorate which did see some play in constructed - you have a free APC for a large boost vs. a small boost cantrip. Its secondary ability can't save as many creatures/kill as many blockers as invigorate will, but it will be nice if it works - and probably more importantly it will never be a dead card. If you like Giant Growth effects, this should be a good one to experiment with.

Ravenous Baloth 2GG
Creature - Beast R
Sacrifice a Beast: You gain 4 life.

This guy is a monster, and while its ability leans it towards beast decks it is definitely good enough to go into most any aggro green deck. It is arguably better than the very popular Spike Feeder: costs 1 more mana, can't move counters, doesn't work as well with bounce effects Vs. +2/+2 and the potential to gain a TON of life. It is great with the 'other' beast Blastoderm, Genesis, Verdant Succession (combo machine), and is a free/instant sacrifice outlet - an often overlooked ability that is very strong in MP as it hurts cards like Repluse, STP, Creature Stealers, and Capsize. In the long run I think this will prove to be the best overall green creature in the set - which says a lot because there are more than a few green creatures in Onslaught that can be called very powerful. Again, the reason I say this is because it can go into just about any green aggro deck and hold its own, and probably will still be one of the best creatures you will cast. Will try to get 4 of these as quickly as I can.

Run Wild G
Instant U
Until end of turn, target creature gains trample and "G: Regenerate this creature."

Its a neat little card and its ability will never be useless in a green deck. But did it need to be uncommon? I would have rather it have cost 1G and also given +1/+1 until EOT, but what I want doesn't really matter. Because of this, I see little chance of it getting into green aggro MP decks ahead of other 1CC critter boosters.

Serpentine Basilisk 2GG
Creature - Basilisk U
Whenever Serpentine Basilisk deals combat damage to a creature, destroy that creature at end of combat.
Morph 1GG

There is 1 thing in specific that I like about this card. While most morph creatures want to go unblocked, this wants to be blocked. Beyond that, there are many things green can do to make Basilisks better, so don't dismiss this card so easily.

Silklash Spider 3GG
Creature - Spider R
Silklash Spider may block as though it had flying.
XGG: Silklash Spider deals X damage to each creature with flying.

I like this card better than Squallmonger, which is considered by many to be 1 of the best green MP cards. The disadvantage Vs. the Squallmonger is that it doesn't damage players directly, it costs G more, and its got 1 less power. However, I think its ability to absolutely shut down flyers, and that it can only be activated by its controller, is what makes Silklash Spider the better play. There are very few flyers that can make it by a 2/7, and their are even fewer that will survive a Spider controller with a decent amount of mana open.

Silvos, Rogue Elemental 3GGG
Creature - Elemental Legend R
G: Regenerate Silvos, Rogue Elemental.

Silvos is immediately superior to Child of Gaea, Ancient Silverback, and Carnassid in about 95% of all games. Actually, I'd put it right up there with Verdant Force and Thorn Elemental as the best green fatties ever.

Stag Beetle 3GG
Creature - Insect R
Stag Beetle comes into play with X +1/+1 counters on it, where X is the number of other creatures in play.

This is a creature you should not overlook for MP. No it doesn't have evasion or a built in protection mechanism, but in large MP games the Stag Beetle should at the worst give you 5 power for 5 mana. Though most likely you'll be looking around the 10-15 range. Its arguable, but I personally think he is better than the MP popular Beast of Burden, because this doesn't die to a 3+ point Earthquake or a big Mutilate. Consider him in a deck that easily gives your creatures a good way to get through for damage. A sleeper of the set for MP, and 1 that you'll be able to get on the cheap side.

Steely Resolve 1G
Enchantment R
As Steely Resolve comes into play, choose a creature type.
Creatures of the chosen type can't be the targets of spells or abilities.

I like this card a lot, much more than Dense Foliage. There are 3 reasons for that - the first is that it is 1 less to play, the second is that it protects creatures from abilities as well, and the third and most important reason is that it should only work for you. Granted, you can say that you can use Dense Foliage in any green deck while this can only be relegated to creature theme decks, but I don't agree with that because Dense Foliage isn't the type of card that you can just drop into any deck effectively. Steely Resolve on the other hand will work quite well in any creature theme deck that is running green.

That is a lot of power in a 1G global enchantment.
Chaos: I like it in Chaos because it causes all the other targeted removal in the game to be used on your opponent's creatures. But the second you drop down a monster expect a Naturalize/Disenchant to quickly follow.
2HG: I like it even better in 2HG, as a multiple means that you can call one of your teammate's creature types as well.

Symbiotic Beast 4GG
Creature - Beast U
When Symbiotic Beast is put into a graveyard from play, put four 1/1 green Insect creature tokens into play.

Not a bad card, just not a great one. A 4/4 green creature for 4GG needs to be doing something amazing usually to make its way into a decklist, and I don't know if producing 4 1/1 insects is good enough. Personally, I think its inferior to Mongrel Pack, a card which doesn't get too much play as it is.

Symbiotic Elf 3G
Creature - Elf C
When Symbiotic Elf is put into a graveyard from play, put two 1/1 green Insect creature tokens into play.

Simply not worth playing, Acorn Harvest is better in most applications.

Symbiotic Wurm 5GGG
Creature - Wurm R
When Symbiotic Wurm is put into a graveyard from play, put seven 1/1 green Insect creature tokens into play.

Now this is a very interesting trick-loving fatty. It is usually not the type of creature you want to hard cast, but at 7/7 its not the most ineffecient hardcast there is. Where Symbiotic Wurm truly gets strong is combining it with graveyard tricks like Recurring Nightmare, Corpse Dance (with a sack method of course), and Dance of the Dead. Plus it has tremendous synergy with Goblin Bombardment (8 potential individual points of Direct Damage) and Sneak Attack. The list goes on and on, have fun with it.

Tempting Wurm 1G
Creature - Wurm R
When Tempting Wurm comes into play, each opponent may put any number of artifact, creature, enchantment, and/or land cards from his or her hand into play.

I'll give you a simple piece of advice, leave this card for the constructed players to try to break. Unless you have some crazy way of emptying everyone's hands in a big MP game, a 5/5 trampler will never be worth giving your opponent's a chance to drop combo pieces and/or fatties for free on your turn. Even worse if someone drops a Control Magic for free.

Tribal Unity X2G
Instant U
Creatures of the type of your choice get +X/+X until end of turn.

What makes this card so dangerous is that it is an instant. That alone makes it worth consideration over perennial favorite Overrun in a creature type based deck. Its an X spell that gets stronger the more creatures and the more mana you have - and those are 2 things green decks usually excel at. A very, very dangerous card. Be wary of it if someone in your group puts together a cute new elf deck.

Venomspout Brackus 6G
Creature - Beast U
1G, T: Venomspout Brackus deals 5 damage to target attacking or blocking creature with flying.
Morph 3GG

Green has better and cheaper Morph creatures, but its 5/5 body combined with the fact that it will single-handedly kill most flyers makes this a pretty good creature. Its the type of creature a new player will put in a deck because they don't have anything better, and the type of creature many veterans will be very upset to see hit the table.

Vitality Charm G
Instant C
Choose one - Put a 1/1 green Insect creature token into play; or target creature gets +1/+1 and gains trample until end of turn; or regenerate target Beast.

I don't like the first ability, but the other 2 are pretty good. +1/+1 and trample for G will always be playable in any game, and it gets better in a beast deck. I probably wouldn't play it myself because I am quite fond of Yavimaya Hollow, which is a much better source of regeneration effects. While the Hollow isn't sure thing, it is strong enough that I'd want a more potent creature booster than Vitality Charm to run along side of it.

Voice of the Woods 3GG
Creature - Elf Lord R
Tap five untapped Elves you control: Put a 7/7 green Elemental creature token with trample into play.

This is up there with Catapult Master with the best of the Lords. While unlimited 7/7 trampling tokens sounds extremely strong, it is probably not as game altering as removing creatures from the game and/or Jester's Capping for 5. However, since green will be the fastest color at getting the Lords in working order his ability will be something you at least have to worry about more than the others. Besides, 7/7 tramplers every turn is a very good ability in a format that requires your cards to be as efficient as possible (Jester's Capping for 5 is not truly efficient in MP).
Chaos: Hmm, well it's easy to kill and the amount of mass creature removal that floats around means that the tokens usually won't last too long.
That said, if the Voice starts working early it will probably own the game as long as it remains on the board.
2HG: The Voice will usually have more staying power in 2HG, which means it is even more dangerous.

Wall of Mulch 1G
Creature - Wall U
G, Sacrifice a Wall: Draw a card.

Wall of Mulch is a wonderful homage to Wall of Blossoms. While I still feel the original is superior (and 1 of my favorite creatures ever), Wall of Mulch can go into many decks that the Wall of Blossoms couldn't. It is quite nice in an all-Wall deck (Sacrifice a Wall), and again very good with the Genesis / Verdant Succession tandem. Actually, its not bad with Wall of Blossoms either. Hmm, getting a deck idea...

Weird Harvest XGG
Sorcery R
Each player may search his or her library for up to X creature cards, reveal those cards, and put them into his or her hand. Then each player who searched his or her library this way shuffles it.

Weird Harvest is a very risky card in MP, and I don't see playing this card unless you are going to win immediately with some sort of degenerative combo, like with Aluren.

Wellwisher 1G
Creature - Elf C
T: You gain 1 life for each Elf in play.

Its no Soul Warden, which is good because Soul Warden is just unfair in MP, but Wellwisher is still a lifegaining machine in an elf deck. The thing about a creature like this (besides the Death Wish it has) is that in Chaos you'll eventually get up to a certain life total that everyone else is just not comfortable with, and you'll get swarmed.

Wirewood Elf 1G
Creature - Elf C
T: Add G to your mana pool.

You can have the Quirion Elves to clean your mana, you could have Vine Trellis for early game protection, you can run Heart Warden that also replaces itself, and then there's that Werebear. It may be an elf, but that doesn't mean its good.

Wirewood Herald 1G
Creature - Elf C
When Wirewood Herald is put into a graveyard from play, you may search your library for an Elf card. If you do, reveal that card and put it into your hand. Then shuffle your library.

This is actually a neat little ability in a common. There are a lot of 1G Elves available to choose from, but I suppose its not useless. With a sack mechanism and a Genesis you have a relatively complicated deck thinning engine going on. But with Skyshroud Poacher available, this isn't so hot - even if it is a full 1G cheaper.

Wirewood Pride G
Instant C
Target creature gets +X/+X until end of turn, where X is the number of Elves in play.

The safe player will play Giant Growth, but if you're playing an Elf deck take a chance and run this. In most instances in an MP game this will be as good if not better than the original Growth. One of the better Giant Growth replicas that WotC has printed.

Wirewood Savage 2G
Creature - Elf C
Whenever a Beast comes into play, you may draw a card.

That is a strong ability attached to a common. It might only be good with Beasts, but there are some really good beasts in the game of Magic. Its a Grey Ogre until you get a beast into play (keep in mind that you don't have to cast the beast to draw), but in a theme deck this should be good for at least a few cards. Combined with Hystrodon you can generate some serious card advantage. However, being that it is a 2/2 its not the type of creature you should try to build a deck around.

Words of Wilding 2G
Enchantment R
1: The next time you would draw a card this turn, put a 2/2 green Bear creature token into play instead.

The 'Words of X' are some pretty strong cards, and their combo engines are virtually interchangeable. This plus Sylvan Library can net you 3 2/2 bears per turn at the cost of missing a draw phase, with an empty hand the Looters become especially dangerous, and with Arogothian Enchantress you can beatdown while almost going creatureless. In general it decently strong on its own, since its a virtual 2/2 for 1 whenever you want it, but with that in mind realize that it the first bear token costs you 3G and 2 cards. I like the 'Words' enchantments, and this is my 3rd favorite of the bunch.

My Top 5 Onslaught Green cards for Multi-Player (This was a very difficult decision for me)

Animal Magnetism - Yeah its 5 mana, but there are a ton of tricks you can do with this card. It is very Odyssey friendly, and will cause me to build the threshold/flashback deck I've wanted to for awhile now (Grizzly Fate).
Gigapede - My favorite type of creature: good power to cost ratio, very difficult to get rid of, and a combolicious ability. An inspiration piece.
Hystrodon - It might not be great at 4G, but it is fantastic at its Morph cost. It rewards its caster for being aggressive and refuels beatdown (a rarity), it is impossible for me not to love this card.
Krosan Tusker - In MP it will be a 6/5 more often than you think, but its the cycling ability that really makes me smile.
Ravenous Baloth - I feel the same way about the Baloth as I do Gigapede, but I like this better because I feel like it goes into slightly more creative decklists and for previously listed reasons. A personal opinion for sure.

Honorable mention goes to Naturalize for obvious reasons. Its one of those commons that I'll probably be using 12 of at any given time.

The other honorable mentions go to Wall of Mulch for its tricks, Kamahl for his versatility and scare tactics, Heedless One for making me eat my words about the Avatars, Steely Resolve for its one-sidedness, and Silvos for its brutal efficiency. Hmm, can you tell I like green?

Other Cards that stand a good chance of showing up in the same decklist as some Onslaught Green cards (and I'm going to stay away from the obvious stuff like Elvish Champion, Mirari's Wake, Coat of Arms, etc.)

Skyshroud Poacher - This card was always good and it is already a staple in most every elf deck, as it should be. Well, it just got stronger because Onslaught gave us some really strong elf cards. Heedless One, Voice of the Woods, Elvish Vanguard, and even Everglove Courier - now you don't need a non-elf if you want to run a fatty in your elf deck.
Verdant Succession - I've always been partial to this card. I love big dumb green enchantments and this is one of my favorites because it can really hamstring Wrath-like effects. That said, Verdant Succession can get ugly very quickly with Ravenous Baloth (include Gurzigost as well), has nice synergy with Wall of Mulch, and can create an army with Symbiotic Wurm.
Sylvan Library - While I initially thought the 'Words' enchantments allowed you to bypass the 'or pay 4 life' stipulation of the Library (they don't) they are still quite strong together. Sylvan Library is a card that is quite strong on its own, so anything that combos with it is just gravy. This really gets ugly with Words of Waste.
Genesis - Genesis is an excellent card, and it gets two potential card-drawing engines to abuse in Onslaught in Krosan Tusker and Wall of Mulch. Its not bad with Gigapede either, I might be stretching it I know, but you can get creatures back that you discard to the 'pede.
Argothian Enchantress - My favorite Italian princess got a big boost with Enchantress's Presence, and I look forward to seeing her pop up in our group non-infinite decks that is. She is also attractive with the 'Words'.

I suppose it would be redundant for me to say that I like Onslaught Green. Okay, how about 'I love Onslaught Green, it makes me giggle like a Japanese school girl. Was that better? Throughout every rarity level it received strong, playable cards. I have no complaints, and I would say that Green is the best MP color in Onslaught but I feel my earthy bias gets in the way of my objectivity.

Once again if you have any questions or comments feel free to contact me, and I would love to hear some of your Onslaught Green ideas. Stop by again next week for my review of Onslaught Red, which should be another positive one.

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