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Finding the Path
By Tom Bergmann
Tom Bergmann

Problems cannot be solved at the same level of awareness that created them.
-Albert Einstein

This quote's a favorite of mine, though this is probably the first chance I've had to use it. I think of it sometimes at work, whenever management decides to finally do something about our processes by calling the Team Leaders together and holding problem solving meetings. They never have understood that our problems will never be solved by the same people who have perpetrated/perpetuated them over the years. The meetings inevitably break down into blamefests, where they spend hours doing the ol' "finger point" at each other, and nothing ever gets resolved.

And those of us on the floor, who know what must be done, are never asked. We're kept on the outside looking in, and all we can do is grimace and shake our heads in disgust.

Wild week, eh?

I'd like to, once again, thank all of you who responded to last week's article. Not only did you make me feel real good by letting me know you guys DO read this stuff, and actually like it, but more importantly because many of you DO agree with our Mission Statement, in part or in total, and that you DO want to try and influence WotC with our opinions.

It seems we've found the path once more.

But some of us have expressed some concern that if we should become more of an activist type of group, that what we've got on the Board will go away, to be replaced by...

What? Gray haired guys in expensive suits making boring speeches? Big-mouthed car salesmen types passing out campaign buttons? Baby kissing splurges? Posterboards on our lawns with slogans like "Repeal the Waylay Errata!", or "Down with Dark Rituals!" Newspaper expose`s with exclusive pics of Selenia and Crovax in their love bungalow? Serra Angel appearing nude in Playboy? Sengir Vampire in GQ? Heated debates arguing, for example, the relative merits of re-releasing the Power 9(10)?

Actually, that last one could happen, it's true. Of course we DID discuss that a little while ago in the forae, before we started talking about all this again.

And no blood was spilled, nobody died, and the site continued to grow just fine. In fact, I daresay, intelligent discussion of the issues surrounding this game is the lifeblood of this site, because without it we'd quickly run out of things to talk about.

Note the key word there. Intelligent.

Such debate goes on now, in most of the forae. In fact, by limiting discussion of the issues currently up for a vote to the Voting Forum we'd actually reduce the amount of "bleed-over" effect currently seen in the forae. Sure, new issues would likely be brought up in the Issues forum from time to time. Just like they are now. And people will rant, probably in the General forum, where they do now.

In fact, I don't see ANYTHING changing about the Boards, except for the fact that now when you rant you'll be serving a higher purpose, because you won't just be venting and hoping a WotC lurker will pick up on it. You'll be a part of something much bigger.

You'll be a part of our effort to save this great game.

Because it does have some problems. And the problems that have been created will never be solved at the same level of awareness that created them.

Just like ol' Einstein said.

People, we can bring a fresh new approach to these problems, at least as far as WotC is concerned. Sure, many of us have been ranting about the way things have been going for a few years now. We've been crying out as individuals though, and usually doing it through channels where the signal to noise ratio (pros to casual players) is such that our message has often been lost.

This is our opportunity to be heard by the powers that be, as a community of players who wish to be of service to the game we all love. We'll be speaking with one voice, but it'll be a voice loud enough to shake the pillars of heaven if we all join in.

And it'll be a voice motivated not by ranking number, or profit. It won't be motivated by a finals loss in a 1-slot PTQ due to an interesting twist put onto an old, lame card. It'll be a voice motivated by only one thing.

Love for the game.

Tom Bergmann
TomB on the CPA BB
CPA Member

"I do not teach. I simply reveal"
-Daudi, Femeref tutor

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