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Global Slivers
By Waubers
Here is one of the best multiplayer decks you can have. Its called Global Slivers. It's simple. It's nothing more than a sliver deck with a bunch of cards that affect everyone. I play this with my friends all the time and it drives them all crazy especially when I assemble the "Barrel of Infinity" with the Sliver Queen, Ashnod's Alter & Heartstone. For fun and to keep you from dying don't attack anyone early on. Here's the deck list:

4x Muscle Slivers
2x Acidic Slivers
1x Talon Sliver
2x Victual Slivers
2x Clot Slivers
1x Armor Sliver
4x Crystalline Slivers
2x Winged Slivers
4x Birds of Paradise
1x Spined Sliver
1x Mnemonic Sliver
1x Mindwhip Sliver
1x Metallic Sliver
1x Horned Sliver
1x Hibernation Sliver
1x Heart Sliver
1x Barbed Sliver
2x Sliver Queens

Things called lands:
2x Adarkar Wastes
2x Underground Rivers
2x Sulfurous Springs
4x Reflecting Pools
2x Cinder Marsh
2x Brushland
4x City of Brass
4x Thran Quarry

Other Stuff:
2x Congregate
2x Enlightened Tutors
3x Recycles
1x Awakening - (This is an AWSOME multiplayer card)
3x Aluren
2x Urza's Incubator
3x coat of Arms
1x Mana Prism
4x Howling Mines
3x Heartstone
2x Ashnod's Alter
1x Partridge in a Pear Tree!

Yes, this deck has 80 cards in it so it's going to be a little slow. I have eliminated one color once and it kind of worked (Black) but I missed regeneration. DO NOT TAKE OUT THE AWEKENING! - If you do I will find you and put the smack down on ya. Any suggestions other that reduce the size please let me know at:

I have been numb for almost a week now!

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