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"Scrubs Corner": OBC--Worst format ever!
By Shawn J. Houtsinger
Hello everyone!

It's been a long time.....

At least that is what it feels like. I mean, I haven't written for this site for a while. With personal differences aside, I decided to do what I loved to do: Write. Even if no one reads it... (grin)

I tinkered with OBC for 3 weeks.

My conclusion: OBC--Worst format ever!

Disagree? Well, let me sum this up. If you don't play Black Control, U/G, or G/W you can just throw your money into the fire now.

Hold on, let me re-instate that. If you can go to, build a deck, and play it, you'll be fine.

Seriously, I hate this format. Black beat U/G, U/G beats W/G, W/G beats Black. Now, this information is from all the qualifiers I have read through, and the ones I have personally seen so far.

The first deck I tried to make work in OBC was Psychotog. Forgive me.

First version:

4 Psychotog
4 Shadowmage Infiltrator
2 Upheaval
4 Standstill
4 Aether Burst
4 Chainers Edict
4 Syncopate
4 Circular Logic
4 Envelop
2 Faceless Butcher

24 lands

I played vs. Black Control, U/G, W/G, R/G Beats, and Combolishis Mirari's Wake.

I found vs. Control black I could easily handle them. Drop Standstill, hang on till he trys to: Rancid Earth, Sludge, or Echoes me. His creatures did nothing. The Envelops were a beating main vs. this deck. The upheaval was the ice on the cake. Black Control can't handle a upheaval with tog' and Envelop or Logic back up.

U/G was a beating. Ugh. Drop creature, counter that, burst my creatures, etc.
Bad match up. I really needed a Mutilate or Sickening Dreams to get this deck going.

W/G was almost the same, except I didn't have to worry about the speed, counter spells, or random Bursts. I was 50/50.

Mirari's Wake deck: Easy. Game over. I have more counters. I wish I could say more, but I would be wasting Word space...

R/G beats: I lose. But, who plays this deck? I didn't mind scooping every game to this deck.

From the testing I did, I found a few things need to be changed.

Creatures were a problem, so I decided Innocent Bloods were necessary. Also, Faceless Butcher could be good, but I had to mess with the mana base.

Counter spells: The Syncopate was a dead card sometimes, I needed to take some out. Also, Envelop isn't a 4-of card in here, 3 is fine.

Upheaval: 3 not 2. Simple huh?

Tog: Only 3. Most of time he hides till Upheaval comes to play. What a wuss.

Graveyard hate: I really needed an answer to Wonder, Glory, and Wurm. Anyone have a Planar Void?

My Graveyard: Whenever Mr.Tog did defend, or help himself to play after Upheaval, the graveyard wasn't very big. I needed to fill it up.

Card Drawing: Standstill is good, but not enough.

So after revision, this is what I came up with:

Second version:

3 Cunning Wish
4 Chainer's Edict
3 Innocent Blood
2 Faceless Butcher
3 Aether Burst
3 Compulsion
3 Deep Analysis
4 Circular Logic
3 Envelop
2 Syncopate
3 Pyschotog
3 Upheaval

24 lands

Sb: 1 Aether Burst, 2 Coffin Purge, 1 Toxic Stench, 1 Envelope, 1 Faceless Butcher, 1 Haunting Echoes, 2 Divert, 1 Ghastly Demise, 1 Snycopate, 1 Spelljack, 3 Mesmeric Fiend

This is the best version in my opinion. However, I could be wrong.


The Cunning Wish: Great card that solves alot of problems. If you look at my graveyard, you will see I have alot of answers. I love the option of searching for what I need.

Compulsion: Great card drawer and helps fill the graveyard for my tog win. Also, I can go through my deck and filter through crap when I need to get to Upheaval or Tog.

Deep Analysis: A better choice over Standstill. It was an easy decision since of Compulsion or Pyschotog.

Innocent Blood: Wow, is this card needed. Playing this card makes me feel like a control black deck, but it is another early creature removal. This card helps after your heaval'+tog' then blood' your opponents creature.

I hope this helps your next OBC qualifier, but don't expect to see me there.


Shawn J. Houtsinger
The one and only,

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