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Junk Drawer
By Jim Torrence
Today I'm going to discuss a couple things. First, I'd like to offer my definition of a casual player. A casual player is one who calls himself (herself) a casual player. Nothing more. Nothing less. If you feel you are a casual player, even if you play on the Pro Tour, then you are. Most people tend to think casual play is not on the level of tourney play. It usually isn't, but that doesn't mean it never is. You could casually whoop everyone at the tourney. Casualness is, sorry, in the eye of the beholder. To each his own...

Something else I'd like to talk about are several players' attitudes toward certain types (and I really don't like to call them types) of people. About three or four weeks ago at the Rumor Mill there was a rumor about one of the WWF's upcoming pay-per-view events would be sponsored by Magic. Everyone who replied to that rumor moaned and groaned about having the idiot red-neck wrestling fans playing and wrecking their game. I was practically knocked outta my chair. Every Magic player I'd known until then was a wrestling fan. I posted my opinion saying I'd love to have the wrestling' fans play. They pretty much flamed me for that. There are several other types of people many Magic players seem to dislike. They frequently attack and belittle any person with any kind of physical disability. People drive out homosexual and bisexual people because they are scared of them. While I believe homosexuality is wrong, that does not mean I fear or hate or belittle them. They're just different from you. You're different to everyone else. Get off of it...

I'm gonna touch briefly on the Waylay and End Step crap. I think they should have left Waylay alone, and I hope they don't touch the End Step rules. There was nothing wrong to be fixed. It added new strategy to the game, as the End Step rules still do, to an extent. Taking Waylay away and changing it into an even less useful card than before was just wrong. Now moving on...

Now I might rant here just a bit, but not much. I need to address the terrible thing that has happened to me and others. Parents feel Magic is "too evil." First off, I'll admit that it can be, but only if the player makes it so. Now a little bit of history. About two years ago I started playing Magic, mid July '97 after Weatherlight came out. I bought my first packs without asking my parents but I showed my new treasures to them the same night. They said that it was ok and that I could play it. So I spend great sums of money on the game I love for the next year.

Now I've got a substantial collection of around 2,000 cards at the time. Good cards, several tourney winning decks. I leave at my home for a month and a half. My mom says I can't take my cards with me. Okay, fine, fair enough. I come back home and she says that I can't play Magic anymore. I'm infuriated. I tell her that I'll keep my cards until I move out, as I didn't want to 'waste' all of the money I had spent on them. She says I can't and tells me I have to sell them. I end up selling my stuff to one of my best friends for $45 dollars. I tell you what, I was soooo bummed. He takes my cards and makes great tourney decks. And wins. Oh well, what's a Black Lotus and a Mirror Universe? Geez...

Fast forward to mid June '99. I've been begging to have my game back for a year. I now live in Germany (for the third time, I hate the army). My mom wakes up just before my last day of school and says that I can play again as long as I'm not the 'bad guys' (black). Of course I said yippee because I never liked black anyway. I've been collecting and spending for the past three months. I've got an ok selection of cards, somewhere around 500 cards, and several good ones. It hurts to know the cards I don't have and won't have, while other friends just starting don't know what they're missing.

Now back to my original point before the history lesson. Parents and guardians, it's just a game. As long as the one under your care can understand that and can separate fact from fiction, they'll be fine. Magic is an incredible game that often teaches patience, strategy, planning, and learning how to just relax and have fun. Please don't take that from them...

In closing, I, the deranged one, would encourage you to go get your ol' play buddies and throw together some large decks . Get some snacks and play a good, long, and most importantly, fun multiplayer game. And be sure to throw in a Deranged Hermit or two =] .

Jim Torrence
The Deranged One

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