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Creating Token Creatures from your Common Box
By Kenneth Nagle

In this age of Magic, every green mage worth her dirt packs some token generators. Green is the reigning king of creature tokens, with Elephants and Wurms running rampant in Type II.

So what happens when you play Call of the Herd? Flip the nearest card upside-down? Set a die to three? Ask for a nickel? BORING. You can do better than that. Much better.

Why not add some green to your team with some custom made Elephant Tokens? Not those hard to acquire DCI Tokens. Your tokens. Made from your cards. Your commons cards. With your own hands.

I'm suggesting that you cut up some of your commons to make designer token creatures. Just cut along the top and bottom of the card illustration, and you are left with an ideal creature token.

The hard part is finding well-illustrated cards you are willing to 'personalize' forever. That's why I'm here to help.


Elephants - Many Magic games nowadays call for Elephant tokens. Luckily, Odyssey's Elephant Ambush is in high supply and low demand. Great in Limited, bad in Contructed? Not anymore. Other possibilities include Rabid Elephant, Vintara Elephant, Wild Elephant, and Rogue Elephant. You could stretch a little and try War Mammoth, Wooly Mammoths, and the Homelands Rare (ba-bum) Mammoth Harness. I've heard that the Battery half of Assault/Battery makes an excellent Elephant token. Or show off your collection by cutting up those extra Calls of the Herd for Elephant tokens

Squirrels - This one isn't easy. Squirrels are so numerous, you need a myriad of Chatters of the Squirrel to keep up. My Acorn Harvest and Chatter tokens are like 5 to 1 Squirrel currency.

Bears - I use my classic Grizzly Bears, but I cut off the white border as well. Balduvian Bears are the Ice Age equivalent.

Beast - I use my favorite card in Odyssey to summon end-of-turn Giant Warthogs. Be sure to include 'Creature - Beast' on the token because Beasts are big, so the token itself should be intuitively larger.

Wurm - The top of the token food chain, Wurm tokens work best as full size cards for full size beatdown. Most any large, unplayable Wurm card will do. I use old school Revised Craw Wurms signed by my college buddies. Rootbreaker Wurms, Tunneler Wurms, or Scaled Wurms with a big '6/6' scrawled across it in permanent black marker are great tokens as well.

Bird (blue) - Summoned by Ordered Migration, these are the cut out pics of Skywing Aven. Oftentimes I didn't have enough, so I supplemented with Aven Fisher, Aven Windreader, Aven Fogbringer, Coastal Hornclaw, and Fledgling Osprey. Wouldn't you like to hear, "Oh my god I'm getting beatdown by FLEDGLING OSPREY!" from your opponent too?

Hippo - A built-in political tool of Questing Phelddagrif includes giving an opponent cut out pics of Momentum.

There are plenty more tokens left to create, but I'm sure you are excited enough to go token hunting on your own.

What will you use for your token creatures now?

Kenneth Nagle (NorrYtt)

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