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7th Edition and You
By Tom Bergmann
Tom Bergmann

We the people, of the CPA...

Sorry about the article being late this week guys. I was having a bit of a moral crisis...

Rough week on the BB. It seems that many folks here have lost their focus. Bad timing for that, I think.

I want all of you, right now, to turn to our Mission Statement. The link for it is right on the Main Page, between the links for the Member list and the link to Join up. Please go there and read it through. Please read it again, if you've read it before. I'll wait.

Tell me, tell us all what you think. Do you still feel that way? That WotC should be paying more attention to us, their paying customers? That some of the changes they've made to the game of Magic in the last year or so have had a negative impact on the game?

Or have things changed for you?

An interesting point was made on the BB this week, when it was stated that the 10th most frequent poster on the Board had only 17 posts to his credit.

Who's fault is that?

People, this place is here for you to make your feelings known. Pick an issue and post a topic. Take a stand, and let us all know where you're at. Sure, some posts don't get a lot of responses (been there, done that) but at least we'll know how YOU feel!

Because this is your place. If you let the 9 of us who post a lot speak for you, you are NOT being adequately represented. If you disagree with something one of us has said, please, SAY SO! Discussion of these issues is the only way we can determine if we've tapped the pulse of our group accurately. If you agree with something you've read, please say so by posting something in support. Again, we need to accurately guage opinions within our group if we're going to influence WotC in any way.

Influencing WotC. Yeah, that's what this article is supposed to be about. Hmmm...

We've a tremendous opportunity here. We've all heard the rumors about 7th Edition coming soon. I think that's interesting, given the fact that WotC said it'd be 2 years between basic sets according to their schedules.

I wonder if they're already listening to us...

If so, I think that's terrific. It proves beyond a shadow of a doubt, this plan...this grand scheme...thought up by our Founders will work, and, more importantly, that WotC isn't as blind to our needs as Casual players as we thought at first.

I'd love being proven wrong like that.

But it's possible that 7th Edition is still a year away. Rumors are just that - rumors. To my knowledge nothing official has been released by the company to that effect.

Because of that, this is a very important time in the history of the game. Decisions made now can make, or break, this great game for all time.

This is why we've been brought together here, I think. To discuss issues, make suggestions, vote, and let WotC know how we think 7th Edition should be. By giving them a piece of our collective mind we give them a view into the hearts of players everywhere, casual and otherwise. By letting them see what we expect out of our favorite game we give them an opportunity to make it what we've always expected it to be.

Whether they take our advice or not is another subject for another day, but at least we'll know we did our part.

You know, it's funny that I sound like some kind of two-bit political activist. I'm 39 years old and I have never voted in a Presidential election. I, personally, have never seen a Presidential candidate worth the effort, and so I've never made one.

But I made an effort here, and I'll keep making that effort as long as I can. I think we've all got it in us to fight for this game, but I'm counting on you guys to do your part too.

So get posting!

Tom Bergmann
TomB on the CPA BB
CPA Member

"I do not teach. I simply reveal."
-Daudi, Femeref tutor

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