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Tournament Report, 3rd place with Goblin Sligh
By Chaz Faubion
i scrapped my deck i was gonna play this mourning and decided i was gonna play me some goblin sligh

18 people entered the t1, 5 rounds of swiss, then top 8 single elim. First place was $50, second place was 30, third was 15

I was sporting

4 mogg fanatic
3 goblin patrol
4 raging goblin
4 ball lightning

4 bolt
4 chain
4 fireblast
4 goblin grenade
3 raze
2 bloodlust
1 fork
1 wheel

1 strip
3 factory
18 mountain

4 anarchy
3 pop (never got played)
3 pyrokenesis (never came in)
2 scald (came in once)
3 grim lavamancer (raze is ****, i realized this, these need to be maindeck)

round one

some guy playing a funny(2 diff colored sleves, he said he didn't know which were in which color, no one complained, i think he went 1-4, might have been 0-5) life gain/burn

game 1
dont remember the details, got the w
game 2 i remember i didn't sideboard anything in because he had no permenants in the deck (that i saw)
i won it aswell


round 2

i got paired with fausnot (t2 player, thinks timetwister is the best card printed and negator sucks)

he was playing an all duel land sliver deck (with his trusty time twister, that he didn't play the entire tournament)

game one was ohhhhhhh so close, but he got some sliver that makes them untargetable, one that sacks them to gain life, and a Zorb and after sacking most of his land edged it out.

game 2
out-3 raze, 2 blood lust
in- 3 PoP, 2 anarchy

he got a slow start, i got a god hand, after drawing Zorb and sacking all his land he died to my forking of a fireblast

game 3 was sucked, i parised, drew 2 factories, didn't get a mountain until he had an army. scooped up after looking at his side of the board with like 5 2/2 and 3/3's that could sack to gain life, sac to do damage, could be targeted, didn't have summoning, had +1/+1, and his damn Zorb which he saw every game , then my side which was a lone fanatic


round three was a fun one. Some kid playing a straight black regeneration deck without even a cool trick like disk.

game one i dont even remember, i just beat him down real quick like

game 2
nothing in nothing out
i got 5 mana opening hand (none a factory) and then drew a couple little creatures that stalled his ground, then drew 5 more land in a row. he laid out a bad moon and some flyer and cast a large howl from beyond to kill me. i was kinda pissed but not worried.

game 3
don't quite remember, pretty sure i killed on turn 4 though


round 4 was a bitch.
i had to play arthur and his damn white weenie that just loves to hate red.

game 1
he lays a mother, i kill a mother, he lays a mother, i kill a mother, he lays a crimson acolyte (maindeck....that bitch) my hand was all burn, i used most of it on creatures, my reserve burn and few measly goblins couldn't race him, and white knight was there for the 2 ball lightnings i was holding. He swung with a pro red lions, and an acolyte and i topdecked crap.

game 2
out- 3 raze, 4 ball lightning
in-4 anarchy, 3 grim lavamancer

he got an early rush. ANARCHY. he played the rune he'd been holding, i build a little army, and a hard of burn. ANARCHY. he got smacked down in the next 2 turns.

game 3
i draw an anarchy opening hand along with some other nice things. I start off good. he plays a rune, i play an anarchy, he plays another rune and some pro-red's but i have facrories to stall for like 12 turns while taking 2 and then eventually 4 a turn from shadow. he cycles his other 2 runes, i never see another anarchy, i die with it 3 cards down and the capability to do like 30 in a turn


at this point i think i'm out of the top 8 regardless, but the owner informs me that several 3-2's will make top 8. this makes me happy. it makes me even happies when i draw shane's name out of the hat.

He's playing b/r creature destruction/burn with moronic crap in it like a niferious lich... (guys only been playing like 2 months, i was gonna help him build a deck, but i quess someone else did, i need to find out who it was and smack them.

game 1
he burns me instead of my creatues, i kill him quite easily
no sideboard
game 2 --------------------------------see^above
now i learn that to make top 8 i have to have a playoff with somone else who's 3-2. i draw karok out of the hat. i'm glad to make it to the top 8. we both know he doesnt have a chance seeing as his wins came from bi's and people giving him the matches because they needed to leave or had lost 2 games and thought they were out (the guys been playing for a little longer than shane, his deck is a g/u/r multiplayer deck that uses all basics, and a lone dirtcal wurm wirth like 30 creature enchantments for the kill)

game 1
i kill him, we have a few laughs about how he should concede the second game(he doesn't take magic very seriously)
game 2
i uh....kill him again after razing his green land away. i give him hull breaches and islands when he keeps casting guided passage

top 8 bracket
1. Dave(captain revised) playing his all revised/unlimited (cept 4 factories and a squee) powerless deck, but it did have a force feild
8.some guy named daniel play an ld deck

5. Chris Drope. i was personally scared to play big drope dog, i figured he'd place well playing his b/r discard aggro deck
4. Jon Fausnot, dont you wish you played in a metagame where slivers went 4-1?

3. Dan Gent. Dan was playing some weird ass control deck that you'll hear more about in a minute
6. Chaz Faubion (that'd be me)

7. Arthur. and his WW
2. John Patterson. playing his t2 braids that had the altering of dark ritual for cabal ritual. i know it sounds pathetic, but he's a good t2 player, i beleive he took like 14th at junior nationals

top 4 bracket



dan was a pushover, his deck was pretty crappy, the guy's usually got good rogue concepts, and he owns butt at t2 and limited. but a slow control deck wins with drain lives and crystal golems wasn't one of them, i went 2-0 against him, he didn't counter a spell the entire time

arthur waxed my rear 2 in a row, plain and simple, but he got a little help from a rune of protection red in game 2

for the win


for 3rd

this time i get the draws
game 1 i throw down on his rear and he gets land screwed
game 2 i throw down on his rear and he gets land, but then is forced to sac it to zuran orb and dies to the forked fireblast

top 3


oh how i wish i was in the other bracket so i could have waxed dave like i do 95% of the time...oh well the 15 bucks paid for my t1 and t2 entry fees and my pizza for the day, so it was all good

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