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Random thoughts about 8th Edition
By Robert Pittman
What do you think Wizards of the Coast should do with the Artifacts
and Land in 8th Edition? Should they give us eleven non-basic land or just six?
Should they give us some interesting Artifacts to work with? I'm not sure how
long it will be until the release of 8th Edition but it seems like an interesting
topic and have a few comments I'd like to share.

I would like to see all five of the Apocalpyse pain-lands and all five of the
Ice Age/7th Edition pain-lands in 8th Edition. If they include City of Brass
that should give us enough non-basic land to support whatever color we
wanted to play. Since they will never give us back the old dual lands this
might be the next best thing.

It might be kind of interesting if they give us the five allied Invasion Dual
lands and the five Apocalpyse pain-land. If they were to do that they would
have to free up five uncommon slots. I'm not sure how they would go about
doing that but one possibility might be to replace some of the lesser used
uncommonn Artifacts with the Invasion Duals. The first thing that comes to
mind are the rarely used Artifacts that allow a player to gain one life whenever
a spell of certain color is played.(e.g. Iron Star and the like) If this is the
road they choose to follow I don't think it would hurt the game in any way.
How aften does any one use the uncommon 7th Edition Artifacts when
building their Type II deck?

I really don't care how they end up doing it, I just hope they give us eleven
non-basic land in 8th edition. In my opinion, the basic set should give us the
foundation to build allied and non-allied color decks.

What Artifacts would we like to see in 8th Edition? We could suggest things like
Masticore, Powder Keg, Cursed Scroll and such but do we really want those
trouble makers back? Masticore would be ever more powerful with Madness
spells. Powder Keg would make Black and Blue more powerful then what they
are right now and Cursed Scroll is just to strong.Without knowing whats on the
horizon its pretty difficult to say, with any certainty, what Artifacts would have the
greatest impact on Type II but there's no doubt in my mind none of those Artifacts
should return.

It would however be nice to get several Artifacts that make the Type II format interesting.
Now the questions becomes what Artifacts would have some synergy with the Odyssey
Block yet not dominate the whole Type II format. Its nearly impossible, for me, to say
what Artifacts would fulfill those requirements but here are a couple of Artifacts that I
thought should be balanced and fun.

#1. Mindless Automaton, Rare
Mindless Automaton comes into play with two +1+1 counters.
1, Choose and discard a card: Put a +1+1 counter on M.A.
Remove two +1+1 counters from M.A.: Draw a card.

Its a Madness, Madness, world. I'm not sure it would see play in Tier one
decks but it sure would be a lot of fun. If they are going to fill Rares lots
with second rate cards, I would rather see this than some other junky rare.

#2. Chimeric Sphere/Idol, Uncommon
2: Until end of turn, C.S. is a 2/1 artifact creature with flying.
2: Until end of turn, C.S. is a 3/2 artifact creature without flying.
( the Idol's a 3/3 if you tap all your land;[ more or less)

I'm probably the only one foolish enough to have used the Sphere back in the
day. I thought it was pretty good. A colorless source of damage that can fly
and happens to be immune to sorcery removal(except Vindicate and Temporal
Spring of course) has to be good, right? And since Odyssey Block has a lot of
sorcery removal spells C.S. might even make it into a few Type II decks.

I'd like to know what Artifacts and what non-basic lands you would like to see in a
post 8th Edition Type II environment.With enough input from the Magic communtiy
maybe we can influence what ends up in 8th Edition. Probably not! But hay, its
something to write about.

Captain Caveman of the CPA

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