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Just between us...
By Tom Bergmann

"Just between us
I think it's time for us to recognize
the differences
we fear to show
Just between us
I think it's time for us to realize
the spaces in between
leave room
for you and I to grow"

by Rush, from the song Entre Nous

There's a lesson to be learned here, I think.

And I'm probably one of those who needs to learn it.

There's a subject that was brought up a while ago, on another website, by a guy named Kevin Chen. He stated that, possibly with reference to our organization, he felt that casual players couldn't possibly co-exist with each other, because there would be way too many different types of casual players. He seemed to feel that it would be pointless for us to try and join together.

I disagreed with his opinion. At the time I thought that there were only 2 different kinds of casual players, the casually-serious kind, like me, and the seriously-casual kind.

To me, the casually-serious player is one who likes going to store tourneys and tries to play competitively without turning into a total jerk. One who enjoys competing and who has fun while doing it, but is also there to make friends and play casually if the tourney doesn't go well for them. We casually-serious players rarely, if ever, go to PTQ's, and if we do we usually end up playing in side tournaments rather than participating in the main event (I took 2nd once, like that, in a T2 with a Beta starter for the top prize).

The seriously-casual player, on the other hand, to me is one who does not wish to play in tourneys. Their idea of a good time playing is to have a few friends over, crack open a few cold ones, and play multi-player until the wee-ungodlies. The closest they get to competitive Magic is to join a league of other casual players to play games in a format nobody else ever heard of, using their own made up lists of restricted and banned cards.

Yes, I've been a part of that too, at one time. It's that connectivity I enjoy with my seriously-casual playing friends that led me to believe that Mr. Chen was wrong about us, and our organization. I knew that any successful organization NEEDS diversity amongst it's members, and that only in the action of debating an issue can we find some truth - some real understanding - of the subject at hand.

And even a little empathy for the other guys point of view.

I've noticed an influx of new members on the Bulletin Board lately. This is a good thing, says I, and welcome to all of you. I've noticed a few familiar faces among the new arrivals from our days in another forum, and that's okay too.

Because I've come to realize that Mr. Chen was right, in that there are many more different kinds of casual players out there than I thought at first. The silly labels I put on all of us (in my own mind anyway) aren't valid, and probably never were.

But I think I was right too, and that our very diversity is what will keep us strong. By encompassing a wider variety of players we ensure that WotC will see us as more of a representative slice of their market.

In other words, if we want them to listen to us we need to speak not only with a louder voice, but also with a voice that hits all the notes.

Tom Bergmann
TomB on the CPA BB
CPA Member

"I do not teach. I simply reveal."
-Daudi, Femeref tutor

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