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Why do you play Magic
By Richard Koelsch
This article is not about strategy or tournaments. I just want to get people thinking about their motivation behind playing this game. So those people looking for the latest tech you will have to look elsewhere.

My name is Richard Koelsch. I have been playing Magic since the Dark. I was never what would be considered a very serious player. All this is just a little background so you know where I am coming from.

Has this happened to you? You needed to get to the shop early because you needed a few cards for your new killer deck. You were able to get them from the first person you met. You have replaced the proxies and double checked your sleeves. You are just getting ready to go trading when a young adult comes up to you and asks if you want to play. You see he is carrying what looks to be an 80 card deck sans sleeves. What do you do now?

It seemed like when Magic first started you would see a person carrying Magic cards and you approached them like a fellow addict. There weren’t any Pros, or Casuals. It was just fellow Magic players. The Game has grown since then. There are Pro Tours and Grand Prix and Nationals and World events. People have made over a hundred thousand dollars playing this game. Have we really changed that much? When WOTC promoting the game the wanted to liken it to Professional Sports. Have we gotten so much like Pro sports that we have forgotten that this is a game? That it is meant to be fun?

I get out to FNM occasionally, surf the Magic sites, buy, sell and trade Magic cards, build and dismantle decks. I enjoy all of it but it seems not as much as before. I was getting on my wife’s nerves one Saturday as I sometimes do. She said, “Go to the card shop!” “But dear, it’s not Friday”, I replied. She said, “SO WHAT!!!” Not being able to argue with that logic I head on out to the local Game shops. We only have 4 locally and I was in the 3rd one before I found any Magic activity. There were some kids playing Magic, nothing organized. I sat down after buying some cards. I had my trade binder I was trying to organize for better effect. A young man came up to me and asked me to play. “Sure, that what I am here for.” I said. I brought out my latest FNM monster and shuffled up. I see him play one goblin followed by another, which was followed by a goblin lord. It was shortly after the lord was played that I won. I happened to have a deck that I brought for any multiplayer action. It is a highlander style angel deck. I broke that out and it was goblins verses angels. You could almost see the creatures locked in mortal combat. We played several games he would win if I wasn’t fast enough to stall the game, I would win if I could stall it. I have to say that day was the most fun I had playing in a long time.

Now once again I am not saying there is a right or wrong way to play Magic. I just want you to think about what motivates you to play this game.

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