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Open Letter to WoTc
By Robert Pittman
Dear Wizards of the Coast,
or anyone willing to listen to my short rant.

My name is Bob Pittman and I have a small complaint.

Every since Mercadian Masques my Type II White Weenie
decks have been getting beat to death. This could be a problem
with my deck construction but I tend to think it has a lot to do
with what is in the card pool. Now, I'll admit the best version of
Rebel's was probably CounterRebel but atleast you could build a
mono colored Rebel deck and have a good chance of winning
a few games.

With today's card pool that seems highly unlikely. Would you please
print some White cards that are as good as some of the cards in the
other colors. I'm not asking for "broken" cards. Just a few cards that
are strong enough so that I can compete with everyone else. I really
like to play White but there seems to be a large gap between what
White has in Type II and what the rest of the colors have right now.

Is it difficult to design balanced white cards? (I'm being sincere.) I've
played with some of the older White cards(like; StP, Balance and
Savannah Lions)and can see where they might be considered to
powerful but surely you can come up with a few cards for White that
are as good as Call of the Herd, Fact or Fiction, Nantuko Shade and
Flametongue Kavu. I find it kind of strange that after several years of
producing this fine game its so difficult to give each color 3 to5 really
good and balanced tournament quality cards.

I guess life gain, prevention and protection from X, are not as powerful
as the inheriant abilities of the other colors but it seems like there should
be some way to incorporate those abilities into some of the new White
cards giving them an interesting and powerful twist.

With that being said, I'd like to offer a few card idea's of my own. I'm not sure
if these idea's are worthy of print but atleast consider them as food for thought.

~Card Name~
WW, Creature-Cleric Soldier 2/1
the Untitled White Set, Uncommon
Protection from creatures.
Whenever an opponent plays a non-creature spell gain 1 life.

Serra's Will
1WW, Instant
the Untitled White Set, Uncommon
Destroy target creature. If you have less life than an
opponent remove that creature from the game instead.

~Card Name~
2WW, Creature-Knight 3/3
the Untitled White Set, Rare
Discard a card from your hand: Until end of turn,~Card Name~
gains protection from all colors.

Random insert because I like the Burst concept...

Infantry Deployment
W, Sorcery
the Untitled White Set, Uncommon
Put X 1/1 White Soldier token creatures into play, where
X is 1 plus the number of Infantry Deployment cards in all

Thank you for reading my short rant. Any comments may be sent

Bob Pittman
A.K.A. Captain Caveman, of the CPA

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