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This was going to be a thread but got a bit long
By Neil Rigby
Everyone else seems to be saying how they did at a pre-release so I thought I would join in

Me and Gizmo set off at 8:00 in the morning, chatted, arrived and paid our entrance money. When it came to opening the packs we both felt incredibly hard done to
Neither of us got a decent deck (or so we thought), my pack included such powerful limited spells as PEDANTIC LEARNING, MUDHOLE and CRAP BLACK FLYING MAN (can't remember the actual name) "quality rares" I think you will agree. As it turned out though my very impressive playing ability coupled with the absolutely terrible deck building/playing of my opponents I managed to do better than expected.

This is my deck list (if you care)

6 Swamp
6 Forest
5 Island
1 Bog Wreakage

Mortivore (this guy turned out to be quite good )
Dusk Imp
Filthy Cur
Dirty Wererat
Cephalid Scout
Aven Windreader
Treetop Sentinel
Nantuko Disciple (this guy is AMAZING)
Wild Mongrel (this guy is even more AMAZING)
Gorilla Titan
Nimble Mongoose
Diligent Farmhand
Leaf Danacer

Elephant Ambush
Seton's Desire (bit of a cheaty spell on the sly this one)
2 Patriarch's Desire
Screams of the Damned
AEther Burst

In America you seem to play half a tournament, we played 7 (seven) rounds swiss plus top 8, you seem to play 4 or 5 rounds then go home.

I am bad with names but none of them come here anyway so they won't get offended

Round 1

My opponent foolishly did nothing for the first 4 turns, so my turn 5 trampling 8/8 finished him of quite quickly.
Second game i got my weenie rush hand. Land 1/1, Land Wild Mongrel, land Dusk Imp, bounce blocker, bounce blocker, spank you very much.

Round 2

I can't remember too much about this but it definately involved me casting Seton's Desire on my Wild Mongrel and forcing all his monsters to block it so I could kill them all, this play worked out quite well for me and I won shortly after.
Game two I tried the same trick but he topdecked a Camel, Pit Bull or whatever it's called and began savaging my monsters left and right.
Game three he forgot to lay a land on turns 3 and 4 so I began to beat him up rather unfairly, and when he did make extra lands they all seemed to produce green mana and not red like he wanted them to so he just lost.

Round 3

I even remember this guys name (Colin Tipton) I have known Colin for quite a while so I took great pleasure in handing him his arse on a plate. Both games involved me playing a Nantuko Disciple and him not being able to deal with it, sorry nothing amazing happened and I'm not big on tournament reports especially ones from 2 days ago.

Round 4

Can't remember this at all, not one bit except that I won

Round 5

My opponent had a VERY good deck and asked if I wanted to ID before we started, after working it out then deciding to bugger it because I had come to play we thought better of it and played. The first game took forever, he had an aerial attack force of annoying 2/3 Aven Flock type monsters which I was holding off with a couple of flyers of my own, it was looking grim for our hero (me) because the longer the game went on the closer his 4/4 flyer become, so I had a word with my buddy Seton and he said that he desired all of my opponents creatures to block my Diligent Farmhand whilst the rest nipped past and gave him a good kicking.
In game 2 he seemed to play a flying creature from turn 3 to turn 7, I couldn't deal with this at all so I thought it best to scoop up my permanents.
Well lo and behold we had ended up with a draw anyway.

Round 6

Each of these games ground to a creature stalemate with us both having about 3 or 4 creatures. Neither player could fruitfully attack, me due to his creatures being bigger than mine and him because I had regenerating blockers then Seton becomes desirous of all his creatures blocking one of mine and I claim victory (told you it was a cheaty spell)

Round 7

I choose to ID because I am certain of a place in the top 8. Not bad for a pile of poo deck

Quarter Final

I am playing against Tu (thats two people's names I've remembered) who I know has a very large dragon and Wrath of God it also turns out that he has a lot of burn spells.
In the first game we both play some creatures but he has cheap burn to remove mine and rushes me for an easy victory.
Game 2 starts out very similar but I use the amazing trick of drawing Wild Mongrel instead of Filthy Cur as my 2cc bear, his burn spells seem less frightening now and indeed the Wild Mongrel wades through about 3 of his monsters before being burnt to a crisp (quick side note, if your opponent blazing salvos your Wild Mongrel on turn 2 just take 5 it's worth it) I now make Gorilla Titan empty my graveyard with Screams of the Damned and nip in unblocked for the win.
Game 3 he didn't see much of his burn so I got a couple of monsters down (Wild Mongrel enchanted with Seton's Desire, Werebear, Filthy Wererat if anyone cares) then made the lovely play of discarding cards so I had threshold (first use of the actual name of a new mechanic stat fans)and attacking with my newly empowered monsters of which all his monsters seemed to want to block the Mongrel, strange that . Woohoo, into the semi's.

Just rememered Round 4, my opponent had some very nasty spells 5/5 Cabal bloke with some nasty abilities, Caustic Tar and removal. Game 1 he got manascrewed so I savaged him. Game 2 he got mana drew his cabal guy killed lots of my monsters and battered me senseless. Game 3 I drew some weenies repeled his blockers and lowered his life total, but he started to stabalise, things were looking good for him, it looked grim but then he made a fatal playing error he cast Caustic Tar which I Aura Grafted (sideboarded in) it onto my swamp which he couldn't deal with oh well better luck next time eh!

Semi Finals

It is now that I find out that Gizmo (who also made top 8) has been knocked out, he made the rather dubious decision to get manascrewed twice in the QF's but hey at least he got 12 boosters to soften the blow, and his deck was worse than mine.
Can't remember what happened here (if I remember later I will post it as a reply) but it definately involved me applying savaged beats with Seton's Desire enchanted creatures in game one and Giving him a kicking with small monsters backed up with Nantuko Disciple in game 2.


Who would have thought I would make it this far, with a minimum prize of 24 boosters even if I lose I enter the final feeling happy.
My opponent is Chris Clapton (3rd person I've remembered and also a very good wielder of magicla spells, he's been playing 18 months and qualified for 2 PT's already) he is the only other person to be undefeated all day. Game 1 we jockey for position and I come out marginally on top then my Gorilla Titan makes an appearance and all his good spells hide away from it so I smash his face in 'heard that somewhere before'
Game 2 and I get screwed and his good deck gives me no chance of recovery.
Game 3 we draw our opening hands and Gizmo looks at Chris's and say's that it's going to be quick and brutal finish, luckily my deck disagrees and allows me to draw both my Patriarch's Desire and my Werebear to kill his early rush followed by a turn 5 Mortivore. As per most games of limited we now settle into the creature standoff part of the game until you've guessed it I get Seton's Desire and make the repetitive but game winning play of enchanting my regenrating monster and serving for plenty.
I was given a box of product for my troubles and an Odyessey T-Shirt to do the painting in. If you read this I would appreciate it if you would take the time to reply because I have never written an article before and want to know whether I should bother to do one again, here's hoping.

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