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Pre-Release Butler
By Bill Patterson
Well, I woke up at 6:00 ate my breakfast and got my shower to meet my friends so they can give me a ride down to the Pre-Release. I went went down with Derek and Jim Manchaen. They go down to the local card store where I go. I did not go with Yellowjacket this time. I am going to tell you guys how I did in the 3rd Flight because that is the one I did good in. Here is my decklist first though.

6 Forest
6 Mountain
6 Swamp
2 Firebolt
1 Werebear
2 Krosan Avenger
1 Metamorphic Wurm
1 Blazing Salvo
1 Druid Lyrist
1 Nimble Mongoose
1 Elephant Ambush
1 Halberdier
2 Dirty Wererat
1 Nantuko Disciple
1 Fright Crawler
2 Acceptable Losses
1 Dusk Imp
1 Morbid Hunger
2 Fledgling Imp
1 Flameburst
1 Famished Ghoul
1 Nut Collector ( Use it with Opposition in the Future)
1 Repentant Vampire
1 Scorching Missile

Round 1

I play a kid name Chris Slazinski. He had a red, white, green deck. His deck was good. Everytime I would try to kill something he would either prevent 4 damage or he would give it plus 2, plus 2. I lost the series 2-0.

Record 0-1

Round 2

I got really mad when I lost Round 1, but life goes on. I play against the guy who had a Kabal. He is one of those guys you like to play against. 1st game I got land screwerd and he brought Kabal back twice so I lost. 2nd game I got land screwed again but I still won with a 2/2 flyer. Last game was real close. I was down to 4, he was down to 3. He had to kill be that turn or else he can't stop the flyer. He did not do anything and I won the series 2-1.

Record 1-1

Round 3

I played against a kid that just started. 1st game I just pretty much burned him to death. 2nd game was way different though. The kid busted out these mad squirrel tokens nad he wrecked me with them. 3rd game I had a god hand for my deck. I got all the creatures I needed and everything creature he brought out, I killed it. I win series 2-1.

Record 2-1

Round 4

Ok, I was playing against really rude guy. 1st game I could not draw a swamp if my life depended on it. So I lost that game. 2nd game he got land screwed and I won in like in 2 games. I should've called the judge over because he kept on swearing and stuff like that. 3rd game, we only had like 5 minutes left. He had a 2/3 flyer. So I took Yellowjaclet's advice and stalled. It was a draw. The guy got all mad at me because I didn't give him the win.

Record 2-1-1

Round 5

I played against a guy who just wanted to go home, but wanted to win like me. 1st game I crushed him really bad. I was happy about that. 2nd game was a little closer. He had 6 creatures out and I killed 3 of them. I was down to 7 and he was at 14. I had a Nut Collector at the time and I had 4 squirrels out plus 2 3/3 elephant tokens. My squirrels had Threshold. So I won the game Yessssssssssssssssss!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Record 3-1-1

I made top 8. I came in 5th place total. I was tied for 4th actually, but that guy had a better winning percentage then me. I got some packs out of that. Me and Jimmy Radeshak were the only ones to win something from our card store. Radeshak won a flight and he won a draft to. He is a good player.

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