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CPA Card Rating
By Kevin Williams
This is my first article posting to CPA, and I hope it is received well.
I thought this might be a good idea because, being a relatively new Magic player I can't count the times I've opened a pack of cards and thought "Wow this card is absolutely usesless! I'll never be able to use this in a deck!" Only to have a more experienced friend be more than willing to take that card of my hands for something "much more useful". The most stinging example of this has to have been when I let go of a Hammer of Bogarden for a Call of the Wild. I'm still kicking myself for that one.
I've also opened packs and thought "whoa, now this is a card that i'll really be using a lot!" And for some reason things just never seem to go well for that poor card. Abu Jafar and Taunting Elf are a few examples.
I'm of the mindset that there are uses for ALL cards. Nothing makes me happier that winning a game with a card that most people never gave a second thought to. From my time spent as a memeber of CPA i've already learned uses for cards i'd never really thought would work. I figure if we put our heads together we could all learn a few things.
The criteria for card rating can be almost limitless. Casting cost, special abilities, uses in conjunction with other cards, cool artwork, surprise factor, all of these and many others can determine your rating of a card. The goal is to find a positive use for every card. The more positives we find the more fun we'll have playing Magic. I would prefer using a 1-10 scale over 1-5 because it opens things up a bit. 10 would be the highest 1 would be the most useless.
One last I said before I am pretty new to magic, been playing less than a year. I know the game pretty well but i'm definitely influenced by my own personality a lot more than the "rights and wrongs" of the game. I've still NEVER played a blue card (I role play a blue mana hating green or black mage a lot). Most people would think I belong in a looney bin because right now I'm in the process of trading 2 Serra Angels for 2 Force of Natures. What can I say? I'm weird...but I love being weird in this game called Magic.

Kevin "Quill" Williams

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