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The Comboist Manifesto Volume II, Article 4: Return to the Origin
By Stephen Bahl
Across the world, on a handful of screens,
the front page is updated and you know what that means.
The Comboist Manifesto is back from the grave.
All the counters ran out on the Parallax Wave.
So it's my turn again and my army attacks.
After only five months, the greatest of comebacks.
We've reemerged from a Crippling Chill.
Returned to the top through sheer Force of Will.

Changing residences and computers and losing my mind.
While Tarkir's fate was being reforged I was falling behind.
Swamped with work, Totally Lost, couldn't see the Forest for the trees.
Escaped my own Island Sanctuary and now it's Plain to see with ease.
Uh, something about a Mountain. I don't know. Deal with it.
Metaphors aren't really my thing, but the point is I haven't quit.

I'm Rebuilding my Visions to be even more combotastic.
And this Lull in output leads me to do something drastic.
Phasing back in like I've got Teferi's Curse.
Bet you didn't Predict that I'd update in verse.
Add another counter and wipe the board with my Vile Requiem.
Thought I had some Well-Laid Plans but by now I'm just ditching them.

I'd been wanting to make my Dread Return this whole time, as the weeks wore on.
But the Cycle of Life got in the way, and then five months were gone.
It was trite anyway, and I could never find that Burst of Energy.
“Hey, how about we take a drink every time he mentions synergy.”
So now I'm changing my approach like -14 on Karn Liberated.
The Comboist Manifesto is back and my efforts will be Vindicated.

I'll build more decks, like the old Glory days, but better.
It's a Pattern of Rebirth: we won't follow the old rules to the letter.
My gameplay's so casual I don't even own a kitchen table.
So I'll just have to make a hundred decks in my casual deck stable.
Put my Moxen to use, untap Time Vault, cast Ancestral Recall.
Bringing back the old school slivers now that, once again, I've caught them all.
Like, remember back when I built that Overburden deck that locked the game down as its only win condition?
Recur Dwarven Pony and Relentless Assault so I'll never run out of ammunition.
Drop Urborg Panther and friends, for Spirit of the Night.
But the Forgotten Lore of the past can't compare to what I've got in my Future Sight.
I'll hit casual Magic like an Erratic Explosion.
Like Mycosynth Lattice with Creeping Corrosion.
Or maybe like Great Whale with Deadeye Navigator.
I'm making more mana than Sands of Time and Strionic Resonator.
Yeah, back in the day I was playing Palinchron with High Tide.
But I've Transcended those Forsaken Wastes so you can't Tectonic Break my stride.

So now Origins is here and we go back to the beginning.
Make a Demonic Pact and I'm already winning.
Goblin Piledriver's back so that's what we're doing.
Or maybe a new take on Timetwister will be your Day's Undoing.
Tangleroot is set to make an Evolutionary Leap.
And to think of the value that I could get out of Abbot of Kheral Keep.
Yeah, goblins are menacing too, so we can see what's in store.
But what will you do now that elves are scary once more?
Partying like 1993 is what you're going to get.
When a big, flying angel is the best card in the set.
Stop hating on the transforming planeswalkers—Innistrad block was awesome.
I'll have all the answers once I get Alhammaret's Archive out and draw some.
But if I really want a callback to 1993,
then there's Demonic Tutor with spell mastery.
We can break this stuff—don't even doubt it.
Combo isn't dead, they just forgot about it.

This rhyming crap is hard, so my new article's shorter than the norm.
But don't count out some giant treatise on storm.
When I Pull this series from Eternity, I write about whatever I want.
Mindslaver on you and make you watch as I vaunt.
If you think that one was a bit of a Time Stretch, well, don't let it daunt.
The point is that this is the CPA: I'm back at my old Haunt.
Yeah, we've got spiders and moose and yellowjackets and I think this one guy's a sturgeon?
Ransack your board, poke cards out of your hand, and let my manabase Burgeon.
I'll wrap up this Midsummer Revel now that it has enough Magic references in it.
The Comboist Manifesto just Entered the Infinite.

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