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Yet another extended combo deck
By Aviv
Hello, my name is Aviv and this is my first Magic article. I have played Magic for about three-quarters of a year so far.

A couple weeks ago I played someone with an interesting deck that used Fecundity, Saproling Burst, and Ashnodís Alter to make lots of tokens, sack them and burn your opponent for the win. I thought the deck wasnít very good (not focused) but I thought the idea had potential so I made a complete deck list for it. After lots of testing online, I know it can easily hold its own in casual and might even do well in tournaments (if I can get a good sideboard and cards to protect my combo). It is also the most fun deck I have ever played. The only problem is that the opponents sometimes forfeit. The reason for that is that most of the time the opponent isnít doing anything while you have lots of fun generating lots of mana with your tokens.

Anyway here is the deck list Ė

4 Academy Rector
4 Fecundity
1 Saproling Cluster
1 Aura of Silence
4 Ashnod's Altar
3 Phyrexian Altar
4 Saproling Burst
4 Enlightened Tutor
1 Eladamri's Call
4 Birds of Paradise
3 Snake Basket
1 Pandemonium
2 Kaervek's Torch
4 Llanowar Elves
4 Savannah
6 Forest
4 Brushland
2 Gaea's Cradle
4 City of Brass

As I said earlier the main combo in this deck is Fecundity, Saproling Burst, and Ashnodís Alter. This combo gives you 12 mana and seven cards. If you use Academy Rector to get the enchantments it costs one less mana and adds an additional 2 mana to your pool. If you get Fecundity and Saproling Burst without an Altar (and no Tutor or Altar in your hand) you can make 7 tokens, they all die immediately, giving 7 cards. In those seven cards youíre likely to get the remaining cards you need for a combo.

Another combo you can use but isnít as good is Fecundity, Saproling burst, and Phyrexian Alter. Basically you use Phyrexian Altar instead of Ashnodís Altar.

You can use the Saproling Cluster instead of Saproling Burst (the reason that isnít my main combo is that Saproling Burst has much more flexibility than Saproling Cluster. It can even kill the opponent on its own and it combos well with Fecundity and Altar alone). I find the flexibility more important than the fact that Saproling Cluster is 3 mana cheaper and when you get it out with Ashnodís Altar and Fecundity it almost always assures your win.

The last combo is Pandemonium and Saproling Burst. This is an instant win unless the opponent has over 21 life which is very rare.

This deck is very good at getting a game-winning combo fast. The reason for this is because the cards in this combo work together to help you find and play the combo. Ashnodís Alter works with Academy Rector to get any enchantment you need. As I said earlier Fecundity and Saproling Burst work together to draw you 7 cards. Also the fact that Eladamaris call can search for either a rector, an elf or bird really helps. This adds up to the fact that you pretty much always get the combo or a way of getting it in your hand or first 3 draws. Also if the opponent kills a bird or elf, with Fecundity out it draws you a card, and you can sack the poor birds and elves to the Altars to draw cards too.

The other important part of a combo deck is speed. This deck gets about one 3rd turn kill, three 4th turn kills and one 5th turn kill out of every 5 games. This because again, the pieces of the combo actually speed up the deck. Ashnodís Altar is what allows the 3rd turn win. I also have birds and elves for more speed (not to mention sacking to the Alter).

This is how you can get a 3rd turn trigger, which usually leads up to a win that turn.

First Turn Ė Land, Bird/Elf
Second Turn Ė Land, Ashnodís Altar
Third Turn Ė Tap and sack, The Bird/Elf play A Rector/Burst/
If you played the Rector - Sack the rector for a Burst. Then play Fecundity (remember, when you sacked the Rector you got 2 mana).
If you played the Burst, Make 6 Saprolings and sack one, then play a land and play Fecundity.

Now I bet your wondering how you win. Obviously my main combo isnít going to win the game. Once you get the three parts of the main combo out what you must do is sack tokens to the Altars drawing cards and getting mana. Youíre almost certainly going to draw something that will give you more tokens (snake basket, burst, tutor/rector (for Snake Basket/Burst) etc.). Play this and sack those tokens for more mana and cards. Continue this until you have 20 or more mana in your pool and then sacrifice one last token to a Phyrexian Altar for one red. Kaervek's Torch you opponent for a lot.

Of course, you donít have to win with a Torch, you can also win with a gazillion snake tokens or with Pandemonium. If parts of the combo are killed before it gets started or by some strange chance I canít get it going I can usually kill the opponent with Saproling and snake tokens.
Also, you can win with Saproling Cluster, Ashnodís Altar and Fecundity, sacking tokens, drawing and discarding cards until you get a really big Torch.

The Gaeaís Cradles are not really necessary but in some cases they can help. Everything else is just mana producing lands.

Iím working on a sideboard, maybe some Hall of Gemstones, City of Solitudes, Sterling Groves, and more Aura of Silences? What do you think? I mostly play casual so Iím bad at making sideboards.

Anyway, what do you people think of this deck? Feel free to give constructive criticism about my writing so I will do better next time. Email me at for suggestions (Iím going to camp on July 1st, so it will probably take some time to contact you). Also Iím looking for a good Tinker deck list, so if you have one email that.

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