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So you think you can take me? Bring it!
By Timmy Lane
Ok first off:

My hat comes off to Spidey.
Because he called my bluff.
He took a chance and put up my last article. (who comes here anyhow?)

But do me a favor. Don't try to be so cunning with your editorial comments. Anyone can look good adding unnecessary comments. Don't ask questions, if you do e-mail me, just read it!

Not like this rant will go far.
The only eye that'll read it is the editor since he is afraid of free speech and actual words being printed that make any sense.
Rambling or not. [How does "rambling" = "making sense" by definition? - Spidey]
And if you do read it, you'll only glance with a quick acknowledgment and go on your wasted days.
But what do you expect?

And oh, by the way, there was two complete separate sentences.
Kind of funny. I almost was going to explain it but if you don't understand, time to try out some composition courses at your local university.


It was really funny that people were even slightly upset at what I wrote.
You know what?
If you were upset. Go read it again.
I call it as I see it.
I pull aces.
Don't think I will come on here and type merely to please the masses. That is a waste of my time.

What do I mean?


Thallid Ice Cream Man
Email Posted: Jun 20, 2001 12:14 pm

It seems that you're trying to convince an outsider of some sort that casual players aren't the scum of the earth. I appreciate this, but probably the people who need convincing are the people who insult casual players or who don't go here, whether they be pros or not.

This reply was correct on stating my points.
I DID try to convince an outsider that you (casualplayer) aren't scum of the earth. Yeah, your different. Don't whine. Take it like a man !(or women) You guys aren't all good players.
So what?

I accomplished what I wanted to do.To gain your attention.

Example 2:


Vindicated Desolation
Email Casual and Pro? Posted: Jun 20, 2001 6:49 pm

Let's be honest, Most people don't play Magic to be a professional, they play because they enjoy the game. Plain and simple. Some of them suck, but some are incredibly good. I have more important things to do than be a pro magic player (although it would be fun *grin*), but I'd rather keep it casual for the same reason most people do. We don't want to be like some of the pro players that we see, corrupted by winning, cheating to win (which is flat out shameful anyway), and having forgotten the reason Richard Garfield designed the game.


Anysomehow, just thought I'd share my 2 pennies on this. If I offend you, my bad, but I'd rather be a local champ that loves the game, then a pro who finds himself/herself cheating and having lost the spirit of the game that we all love and treasure so dearly

So what your saying is the REAL reason you don't WANT to be a Pro Tour player is because:

"We don't want to be like some of the pro players that we see, corrupted by winning, cheating to win (which is flat out shameful anyway), and having forgotten the reason Richard Garfield designed the game.


Is that so? So if some players on the Pro Tour are cheating and corrupted in the mind, that the minority (some) will prevent you from being a Pro Tour player?
Do you know what it really is?
Your just not good enough
You don't try hard enough. Lack motivation.Diverted by women (good reason)
Mentally unstable.

Bah, your excuse is lame. Give it up. I hate when people make excuses.

And the REAL reason Richard Garfield made this game was to:
Don't forget that. Hmmmm, maybe that is why he chose a different job just recently? Maybe his paycheck wasn't FUN enough every week huh?
*sigh* (bad joke)

Example 3:


Email How did this one slip through the editing process... Posted: Jun 21, 2001 5:05 am

Well Timmy, first off, coming here for deck advice is probably not the best idea...

What exactly was the point of this diatribe anyway? Were you actually trying be insulting to practically all of us, or were you just making a general commentary on how much your life sucks?

How did this one slip through the editing process...


Dear Tom B:

Reading is fundamental. I regret to inform you that comprehension skills are necessary when trying to understand an article. It's true.

DId I insult all of you here?
Did I say my life sucks?
No. That was just your jab at me. Good try.
What was the point of my article?
Does there have to be one? After all ranting and raving is a traditional form of writing style heard of since the time of Socrates.
(Maybe time to look up your library card huh?)
Oh, ok.
Your right. I didn't say anything at all that interested you huh tom?
So why did you waste any time replying?
And why did you read it?
Oh, yeah......


I do hope I can bring sort of view to this site.
It's up to you Spidey. Do you think people will read this?

Will I be honest?
You bet.
Does this site have any Pro Tour players?
I don't count bad ones....
: )
[Actually, there's Gizmo, Vasca de Gama, John O', and others... - Spidey]

TIll then,


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