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Who come here anyhow?
By Timmy lane
Just to say first off:

Who even comes to

I do.


Besides the occasion rants and raves, you could learn a few good deck ideas from some unregistered DCI players.

Of course, then you could even lose a few points in your ranking even reading this crap.

Most important that there is a place for the weak minded to call home. I mean, weak in playing skills.
We all know casual players aren't bad players, right, but merely unmotivated or unskilled to improve their own position in the game.
Is it bad?
No, of course not.
We all need some kids to beat up on in a first round tournament,locally or PTQ, and even more so, we need those scrubs to come up with uncanny deck ideas.

Don't take me wrong of course.
I like scrubs.
I hate Pros.
Who cares. All alike in one way or another.

I have noticed, while reading the articles ever so often, that very few are skilled writers nor talented. Doesn't matter.
The point of what they are trying to say is more important. The message they might be trying to convey is ideal.
What is it?
To be like them.
Casual player.
Lowest common dominator.
Low ranked individuals. enjoy the game.

Isn't that the whole idea while wasting your Saturday afternoon or friday night at a local shop?

I would think so.

To enoy the game....
Kinda. To a point.

That's when you quit. When the fun disappears and all is left is your pile of commons on your floor in your room.
Ahhh, but who's listening anyhow.

Most Pro's are out playing their socially acceptable grouped games to try to keep their 'tech' to themselves.
To form their own monopoly.

How can one try to even compete when your merely a tool in the system.

The machine?

The Pro's

Am I complaining? Nah....

Who is a status quo?
Jamie Wakefield.Yep, you heard me. That's who you should look up to. The man of the fatties. Competitive yet spiritful. Green is his color. And he even wins....... occasionally.

What Pro comes here to read this?
And the lucky # is: 0 [Actually, there's Gizmo, Vasca de Gama, John O', and others... - Spidey]
Who cares.
It's not like we are saying anything important anyhow.
Imagine us 10 years from now playing this game.
Try REAL hard.
Now, try REALLY hard.
I know, I know, it's a hard image.

Now imagine you, casual players, acutally playing at Pro level.
Yeah, even funnier.

Not like this rant will go far.
The only eye that'll read it is the editor since he is afraid of free speech and actual words being printed that make any sense.
Rambling or not. [How does "rambling" = "making sense" by definition? - Spidey]
And if you do read it, you'll only glance with a quick acknowledgment and go on your wasted days.
But what do you expect?

Words of encouragement?

Nah, I want to win as much as you. So lose already!


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