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Cheez Parodeez #1 New and Improved
By Andrew "Bob" Woehrel
Ok Ok, I started a article series a while ago... with one article. A bad one at that...ick...

So now i'm gonna try somethin' new...Parodies of popular Articles... but I'm not going to yet, and they'll be monthly, not weekly.(I don't have the time!!!)

I'll start off this me think for a while...

*2 hours later*

AHA! Ok, Ok, I got one now...

What's the deal with Cheez Whiz? I mean, ugh, oh never mind..let me think longer...

*2 hours later*

This is gonna be great, I lost my idea again...ok how about an article about SPAM? (Somewhat Partially Almost Meat) No? Fine, take your real meats and go.

Ok...I think I finally got something..maybe I should interveiw an artist!! Oh..crap in a hat... DiTerlizzi's not on AIM...


I haven't been to any big tournaments lately...or any tournaments for that matter... GRRR!!!! WHY CAN'T I FRICKIN'THINK OF ANYTHING!?!?!?!

Oh well...maybe an idea will just pop in my head....

*A few hours later*

Murmf...Still nothing...ok..maybe to pass the time...I can talk about nasty people who think they are better than us nerds ( Or Socially Challenged Hermits, as I prefer to be called...)

But I got nuthin...and maybe I should save that for a later article...

Well i can bore you and talk aboput something that has nothing to do with how much wood could a woodchuck chuck if a woodchuck could chuck wood?

*Goes to see if DiTerlizzi is on AIM yet*

Well..he's not..just psychopaths are on...

Well, as soon as I can, I'll post my interview with DiTerlizzi...

Look for Cheez Treatese on: The Diterlizzi interveiw!

(Note: My Articles are simply for fun..please do not be offended...if you really don't want me to parody you, email me, or IM me at anakismoreven on AIM. I will always announce my next parody at the end of the article, so you know ahead of time. )

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