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Sligh or Burn?
By Nick U. (Urza216)
First off, I am a Type I player. I have a few different ideas than a lot of people but I beat a lot of people, that happen to be the same people that say my decks suck.

A startling number of people don't know the difference between Burn and Sligh. Some people think they are the same thing. However, by time your done reading this post you will have a clear understanding of the difference between Sligh and Burn. Burn wins by direct damage to your opponent and plays very few creatures. Sligh wins by swarming your opponent with beatdown creatures and uses direct damage to your opponent's creatures to remove all possible blockers. However if your opponent isn't playing a lot of creatures, you then burn your opponent occasionally. You also would burn your opponent to quickly finish them off.

I have used Burn for a very long time. However, many people say Sligh is better. I will show you my Burn deck first. I will then show you how I will soon change it to Sligh. Here is the Burn deck.

4 Ghitu Encampment (to block - main weakness of deck)
18 Mountains

4 Mogg Fanatic
4 Ball Lightning
4 Dragon Whelp
2 Lightning Dragon

4 Lightning Bolt
4 Chain Lightning
4 Seal of Fire
4 Reckless Abandon
4 Scent of Cinder
4 Shock

4 Shatter (for heavy artifact decks)
2 Shock (replacement for Chain Lighting against a red deck)
2 Assault/Battery (replacement for the other Chain Lightnings against a red deck)
4 Havoc

That is my kind of Burn deck. However, when changing it to a Sligh, there must be a few changes in the design. A lot more creatures are needed. You don't want to be constantly sacrificing creatures with Reckless Abandon in a Sligh deck. In Sligh, Fire Blast is a better 4 damage spell. Lightning Dragon should definitely not be in Sligh; it's too expensive, especially because of the echo. Same thing with Dragon Whelp (except for the echo part). Ghitu Encampment is not needed because in Sligh your opponent is the one that is gonna have to do all the blocking. Also, 22 lands are not needed in Sligh. So when converting this deck to a Sligh deck, here is what it would look like:

20 mountains

4 Mogg Fanatic
4 Goblin Cadets
4 Mogg Flunkies
4 Mogg Conscrips
4 Ball Lightning

4 Lightning Bolt
4 Chain Lightning
3 Seal of Fire
1 Cursed Scroll (I am only capable of getting 1)
4 Arc Lighting (amazing in Sligh)
4 Fire Blast

3 Shatter
3 Shock (replacement for Chain Lighting against a red deck)
1 Seal of Fire (replacement for the other chain Lightning against a red deck)
4 Havoc
4 Blue Elemental Blast

So what do you think? Of the Sligh deck I mean. I will be changing my Burn deck to Sligh as soon as I get the Mogg Flunkies. The other cards that I don't already have I have a planned replacement for.

note: I can't get Mox Ruby, Black Lotus, or more Cursed Scroll. I know they would work very well in a T1 Sligh deck, but they are too hard to get. So don't suggest adding them.

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