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By Kirsin Koch
This is a deck inspired by Tony Scott's first column. He mentions someone making a tournament worthy Ogre deck and this is my attempt. Well, I don't think it's possible to make a tournament level Ogre deck, but I do think it's possible to make one that works relatively well with what there is to work with. The problem is the only one and two casting cost Ogres are Ghazban Ogre and Hasran Ogress. So, I tried to keep it thematic while putting cards that sped up mana production and worked with an all single-creature type deck. The deck is relatively expensive to build, so I'm sorry. If someone can make a cheaper one to list as well, that would be cool. Let me know what you think, everyone. I'll update this deck as each new set comes out. Send any suggestions and thoughts to

“The Brute”
Colors: Black/Red/Green
Description/Theme: All Ogre-theme deck
Tournament Format: Vintage Restricted

1 Cannibalize
2 Hasran Ogress

3 Flailing Ogre
4 Fling
3 Hulking Ogre
4 Mana Flare
2 Ogre Enforcer
1 Ogre Shaman
1 Ogre Taskmaster
4 Sawtooth Ogre
2 Tremor

2 Ghazbán Ogre
4 Rancor

4 Coat of Arms
2 Fire Diamond
1 Moss Diamond
3 Urza’s Incubator

4 City of Brass
8 Mountain
4 Reflecting Pool
2 Taiga
1 Underground Sea
4 Undiscovered Paradise

4 Maniacal Rage
2 Raze
2 Relentless Assault
4 Rolling Thunder
1 Splinter
2 Tremor

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