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The "Good Old Days"
By David McKenzie
Okay, I've been a little lax in my writing duties, but now that the site is moving along great (Thanks, Mike!) I'll start us off w/ a little look at why I got into Magic in the first place...

Way back in the mid 90's when Seinfeld was still on the air, The Duelist was still a cheesey quarterly, and no one had heard of the word "Metagame" - still trying to figure out what that means - a bunch of friends and I would gather at this little club to drink, dance to crazy alternative music (before it became trendy alternative), and play darts. One night a regular brought in a bunch of cards and started selling them to everyone. All of a sudden our little club looked more like a coffeehouse w/ everyone playing w/ their little cardboard picture cards. I was annoyed, because I had heard how addictive this game was and the guy selling them had the mentality of a drug dealer. I tried to discourage people, but they kept saying how great it I cracked. I laid down $15 of my hard earned cash for a 75 card deck made of Red and Green cards, a little plasit carrying case, and 27 little black beads...and I had no idea what to do w/ them.

So my roommate Matt and I sprang for a couple of Revised starters and read the rules cover to cover and tried to play together. It was really quite easy and in no time we were buying more Revised cards and that expansion Fallen Empires ("Hmmm, I got two thalids in one booster! Is that good?"). Our decks got bigger and soon we had a couple of other friends playing. Soon, we had a Tuesday night ritual going and everyone had a good time listenning to loud music and playing until dawn.

Unfortunately, things change and a few of our group lost touch, went to school, or just dropped out of the game and it was back to just me and Matt. We got a little bored and the wait for the next set (Homelands) seemed like forever, so grabbed our binders and favourite deck, hopped on a bus and went down to the place where everyone in the are liked to get together and play Magic. We ran into a couple of nice guys, Ken and Jimmy, that played w/ some pretty nifty decks and hit it off well. The place we were playing in was kind of restrictive. You had to pay to play there, you couldn't smoke inside, and they played a horrible radio station at all times (We heard the theme from "Friends" three times by the time we eventually left). So we convinced them to drive to our house to play - and the Tuesday night ritual arose from the ashes like the Rukh token from the Rukh Egg...

These nights were some of the most fun we ever had. Each person had their own style of playing and "trademark cards".

Ken had his Forcefield and as a result played pretty quietly and defensively.

Jim had a Time Walk and liked to play Blue Control decks - nothing sick like you see these days, but the one thing we always hated was "How many lands do you have untapped?" before he hit us w/ a Power Sink

Matt eventually obtained a Library of Alexandria and it helped him build some nice tight decks that were just darned creative.

My sig card was my Black Lotus. I loved creature decks, so the Lotus helped out perfectly in that capacity.

For about three years we would get together play until the wee hours of the morning, talking about life, our jobs, girlfriends/wives, and having a generaly good time. We held our own little informal sealed deck tourneys every time a new set came out and life was good...

But, all good things must end. Matt moved to Tampa to go to school, Ken and his wife had a baby to take care of, and I moved too far to get together again, so the era ended. I would keep buying cards and would play w/ complete strangers, but it would never duplicate the great times I had for those three years...

To me, that's Magic has always been about. Not building red burn decks, or combo decks to make your opponent draw every card he owns, or hating that last "scrub" who had the nerve to beat your unbeatable deck. It was about being w/ friends, listenning to Cartoon Network in the background and tapping everyone's Maze Of Iths before your attack phase.

Thanks for listenning,

-Dave "Ferret" McKenzie

"Okay, how many goblins is that?"
"5, 10, 15, 20, 25...27!"
"Good! Tivadar's Crusade!"

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