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Dark Crusade Contest
By Rob Myers
Alright, slackers!

As of this writing I have recieved exactly one submission for the Dark Crusade Deckbuilding Contest.

What's up with that?

I mean, the prize is my first Planeshift foil! And I said, "even if it is a rare," and guess what? It's a rare!

I'm going to assume that you just don't know anything about it, having foregone my PreRelease Preview articles in favor of the Prerelease itself.


Here are the rules.

Make a Type 2 legal (including Planeshift cards, of course) deck, sideboard optional, with only this one requirement: The deck must contain at least one copy of Dralnu's Crusade*.

Decks will be judges based upon a combination of originality and type-2 viability.

Feel free to explain any card choices, particularly the not-so-obvious ones.

Send your decklists to:

Include your CPA Username, real name, and email address. I'll get your mailing address if you win.

The deadline is Monday, January 5th.
Deck will be reviewed by a select panel of judges, and the winner will be revealed the middle of the following week.

If by chance you have sent a decklist but not received a confirmation from me, I didn't get it, so you need to resend.

Now send those decks!


Chaos Turtle

* the text:
Dralnu's Crusade
All Goblins get +1/+1, are
black, and are Zombies in
addition to their creature
"Don't you agree that mogg
intellects are improved by
zombification?" - Lord Dralnu


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