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By David McKenzie

You don't know me, but I've always been around you - at one time I probably was you. I was there when you opened your first Starter, whether it was an Alpha or an Urza's Saga. I was there looking at all the pretty cards and saying how nice they were. I was there when you put together your first deck with cards you would never think about putting in today. I was there when you looked at Sorrow's Path and said "Hey, this is a great card!" - well, maybe you weren't there that time...

But, I've always been there; laughed at , spat upon, and generally ignored. I'm the casual player. I buy more Magic cards than anyone else because I just love the game and want to have more cards to build more decks. I'm the one who would rather spend eight hours playing with five of my closest friends than go out with my girlfriend - unless my girlfriend played, of course. I'm the one that thinks winning on turn 20 is just as unimportant as winning on turn 6 - as long as I have fun doing it. I'm the one who sees the game as a way to make friends, keep my brain active, and to kill a few hours a week - not as a source of income and prestige. And most importantly, I represent the majority of Magic Players on the planet.

Ever since the first professional Magic tourney was held we have been pushed further and further aside. Our opinions quashed by the fact that our DCI ratings were too low - if we had a DCI rating to begin with. We felt like we didn't matter, like our opinions were just the whinings of little children who really deep down in their hearts wanted to play with the big boys. Well, those days are over.

I come to you as an ambassador of The Casual Players Alliance. We were formed because we had things to say to not just to Wizards of the Coast and the Duelist Convocation, but to all Magic: The Gathering Players worldwide. We represent WotC's largest demographic and we want them to know it. We want to let them hear us. They don't have to agree with us. Most of the time they probably won't. But, at least we'll try and in the end - if there ever is an end - we will have made an impact.

This site is our home, but you're welcome here. All we ask is that you respect the other residents. If you have something to say, then, by all means, say it. If you disagree with the other members, that's fine with us. We can't expect to agree on everything, but at least we can find out why. If you love the game, Magic: The Gathering, as much as we do I invite you to join us. Tell us about that wacky new deck you like to play, tell us ways that Magic can be improved, tell us of the cool house rules you use to make your games more colourful. Don't hold back. We won't.


Before we can truly begin I must acknowledge a few people that have made this all possible:
Mike "Ed" Sullivan: founder/webmeister/UBB hacker extraordinaire
Evan "igfett" Miller: our master of email
Jimmy "nekrataal" McPherson: founder/writer/chief editor
Kirsin "Dune Echo" Koch (yes, that's a male name): founder/writer/idea man
David "Zadok001" Stroud: founder/writer/defender of the faith
Jaimie "Child of Gaea" Brunken: founder/writer/Baron's punching bag

and last, but certainly not least:

Anthony "Baron Sengir" Scott: Founder/Writer/P.R. Man. The man who had the vision to start this whole crazy organization.

And of course, I could not leave out Chuck and Kathy Dennewitz ( You offered us a home after we were cast adrift by other sites and left to die. Thanks for believing us. We'll make you proud.

-David "Ferret" McKenzie: founder/writer/slacker

"...I didn't mean for it to be this long. Honest."

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