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View from the Commons Bin 3
By Anthony Scott
Surprisingly, in my daily jaunts about cyberspace I have run across precious few 10 best or 10 worst lists for Nemesis. Maybe this is because The Dojo, one of the sites that used to do this kind of stuff all the time, has seen better days but it doesn't explain the lack of them at other sites.

Never being one to just sit back and ponder these sorts of things, I decided to take the bull by its horns and see if it gores me. What follows is completely and totally biased so you are free to disagree or call me nasty names or sing my praises (although, personally I hope you'll do the last one).

Here goes:

THE TOP 12 (Who says it has to be 10? Screw the man!!!) FUN CARDS FROM NEMESIS!
(Note: This is not a list of the most powerful cards. Some of these cards might suck sour frog a$$ in tournies. Some might suck in general. I don't care. This is simply a list of cards that would be fun to play with.)

12. Animate Land: Let's say your opponent is beating on you with a Black Knight or Deadly Insect because you have no creatures anywhere in sight. All of a sudden, your Forest gets really upset and decides to do something about that nasty creature. Surprise blockers are always a kick to play.

11. Diving Witch: Yeah, it's a fragile creature. Yeah, it's a risk. Yeah, it can cost you a lot of cards. But the risk, along with the visceral pleasure of ripping through your deck to find exactly the card you need at instant speed makes this card a lot of fun. Just beware of using this to search for any restricted cards ...

10. Predator, Flagship: Legends are always cool (with a few notable exceptions like Tobias Andrion) and Legendary Artifacts are even cooler. This card is an expensive way for any color to get rid of almost any creature. Sure, you could Cursed scroll that White Knight. But wouldn't it be cooler to have the Predator blow it out of the sky?

9. Rathi Assassin: Mercenaries by themselves are pretty cool but this guy is almost as keen as the Royal "pain in the" Assassin. The ability to knock off any tapped, nonblack creature combined with its searching ability makes this a great card to play with.

8. Lin Sivvi, Defiant Hero: What did I just say about Mercenaries? Rebels are also very cool and this card is on par with the very fun Cho Momma, uh ... I mean Cho Manno. The ability to put any Rebel back into your deck combined with the fact that its searching ability is much more efficient than any of the other Rebels makes this card a fun 'must have' for any Rebel deck, serious or not.

7. Ascendant Evincar: Question. How can this guy and Crovax the Cursed be in play at the same time? Oh well, either way this guy kicks some serious butt. Sure, it's six mana. Sure it's only a 3/3. But say you've got three Sengir Vampires (yay!) on the the table and your opponent has three Serra Angels. This guy hits the Table and all of a sudden your Vampires have a serious advantage. Sorry Serra ...

6. Volrath the Fallen: FINALLY!! I've been waiting for a card version of this guy for quite some time and I'm happy to say I'm not disappointed. This guy is a hoot. As I've said before, legends are cool but this guy is on par with the expensive but fun Baron Sengir. Six Mana gets you a 6/4 creature that if you discard the aforementioned Baron Sengir (sigh ...) balloons up to a 14/12. That's some serious beatdown. And if you're gonna pitch The Baron, it'd better damn well win you the game ...

5. Rhox: Rhox rocks. That's all there is to say. If you liked the Thorn Elemental, meet his baby brother. Add in the fact that it has regeneration and you get a really good, really fun card that is even tournament calibre.

4. Dominate: Okay, it sucks to have someone Treachery one of your creatures. I will concede that. But this is the most fun version of Control Magic I have ever seen. Frist off, it's an instant. Second of all, its permanent. Let's take a look at this. As I said on #12, surprise blockers are a kick. You can always use it to pinch one of your opponent's creatures to block with. Granted, that's what Ray of Command is for but if your surprise blocker lives through the attack, it's yours for the rest of the game. Expensive, yes. Also a hell of a lot of fun.

3. Accumulated Knowledge: The first time we saw this powerful and fun card, it was red and dealt damage. The blue Kindle can be better than an Ancestral Recall in the right circumstances. Granted, this card might work well in a cheesy combo deck but imagine a game where both players have these things or a multiplayer game. Everyone around the table can all of a sudden pay 1U to draw 14 cards. Very cool, very fun.

2. Seahunter/Moggcatcher/Skyshroud Poacher: These three cards are basically the same thing so I lumped them all together. These cards scream out "theme deck." What self-respecting Elf deck wouldn't want a Poacher? How often have you wished you had drawn that Merfolk Looter or Goblin Marshal? With these little gems, that's no longer a problem.

1. Pack Hunt: This card is a blast. Your Erhnam Djinns can now all crash the party at once. Only one Serra trying in vain to hold back a swarm of flyers? Go get her sisters. Do you need all your Deranged Hermits for a massive, all out squirrel beatdown? This is THE card for anyone who is in love with a specific creature and loves to win the game with them. It has a lot of potential in a Sneak Attack deck as well. 4 Weatherseed Treefolk coming at someone for a total of 20 Trample damage is not pretty to be on the receiving end of, but it's a heck of a lot of fun to pull off.

Like I said in the note above. This is not a list of the most powerful cards. Some of the most powerful cards in Nemesis make me shudder to think of matches spent without a combat phase or only being able to untap one land a turn. This is my opinion on the most fun cards to play with and you are happy to disagree or agree. I encourage any of you that feel strongly one way or another to write in and let me know how you feel. Thanks for listening.

I remain
The Baron
"I attack you with my Rhox and play Pack Hunt to go get three more. Have a nice day ..."

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