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Midnight Magic: Christmas theme deck
By Graeme Taylor
Okay, so Christmas is nearly here, and that calls for theme decks. There are a number of angles that can be explored here. The obvious color choices are red and green, but the case for W/U could be made were it not for the fact that such a deck would be rather control-oriented and not fitting with the Christmas spirit.

The other main angle I wanted to explore was cards that make people want to keep you in the game - think popular Emperor effects such as Howling Mine or Horn of Greed, but now let everyone join in. To play up this theme of gifts, I threw in Hunted Wumpus and the insanely good Eureka too.

Obviously this deck needs some way to win, and with all those creatures hitting play, Beast of Burden looks a good one. With the most talked-about R/G card at the moment being Fires of Yavimaya, I threw that in too, along with Primal Rage to get past that army you just gave them. To round out the deck, I added Kindle. Anyone considering a Christmas theme gaming session should make Kindles compuslory; it enhances team play and leads to some serious damage. Also, some mana-fixers to speed it up a little have been added. Oh, and all the lands are snow-covered, obviously.

R/G Christmas Fire
4 Kindle- The more the better. Get everyone involved in the festivities.
4 Fires of Yavimaya- Make those BOBs hurt.
2 Skyshroud Elf- Santa's little helpers were elves, right? Oh, okay, I just wanted to sort out the mana.
4 Skyshroud Cutter- Give people some life and they won't laugh at your 2/2 for 4.
4 Skyshroud Claim- Okay, this present's just for you.
2 Primal Rage- The trouble with BOB and Wumpi is that, while big, they don't trample...and if you're giving everyone else creatures, that's a bad thing.
4 Hunted Wumpus- Speed up the game, and make friends.
4 Eureka- Hose the control player or burn deck, but watch out for those combo players- just hope everyone has enough fat to pound on them in short order.
4 Dual Nature- BOB becomes insane, Eureka incredible, and those people playing creatureless are really gonna regret it. It may be expensive, but you're playing green.
4 Horn of Greed- Keep hands full for maximum Eureka impact.
4 Beast of Burden- your finisher.
15 Snow-covered forests, 5 Snow-covered mountains.

The real beauty of this deck is that it causes everyone to reach for their stompy deck, which invariably creates fun games with titanic clashes of dragons, legends and beasts rather than the slow squeeze of control. Iin other words, just how you want christmas games to be- enjoyable.

Got any christmas theme deck ideas of your own? Drop in at the deck exchange,

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