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Magic and Financial Issues for the Casual Player
By John Dong
This is my first article. It's funny how I've been here so long, and only now do I write this article. Well, anyway let's get down to business.

Face it. We're all casual players. Which means we've all got limited budgets (some more limited than others. ) on Magic. How do we keep up with the newest sets? In my case, buying a pack of Magic cards is an act that entails economic cunning, favors, and lots of begging.
Now I know most of you can afford to spend about $50 on Magic per month. But some of us 13 year-olds don't have that luxury. Anyway, I digress. Because we all can only spend a small pea-sized amount on Magic, we must take every opportunity, to get the cards we need. Yes, this involves taking advantage of the holidays and birthdays. But there are other ways to be a smart buyer. If you need a card, don't buy a booster hoping to get that card! Buy the single. The extra price will more than make up for the peace of mind. My advice is not to buy boosters or starters unless you're trying to increase your collection of a set(s). Finally. Trade! Trade! Trade! I cannot emphasize that enough. If you can trade for a card, trade, even though you might get slightly ripped off. Well, if you keep these guidelines in mind, I'm sure your girl-friend, wife, or mom won't mind you going to the Card shop, and whining everytime you make a purchase.

-John "Multani" Dong

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