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Rare Earths: Changes
By Russell Sherman
Rare Earths: Changes

The CPA is getting big.

Recently, we have had replies to articles by both Jamie Wakefield and Aaron Forsynthe, people who I NEVER thought I'd see here. Hell, I didn't expect people like Gizmo to show up. When I joined the CPA (Way back in, what was it, February?) it was this tiny site, around 200 members (26 or so active....) and now we're getting posts from serious magic players. We've become a big site, and we're now on The List.

You know The List. They're the sites you stop by when you go online. The sites that most magic players visit. The Dojo, Starcity Games, Mindripper, Neutral ground, and, to a lesser extent, MTG News. We are now a big site!

So, what now? What do we do, now that serious players have come and begun to influence the way we are around here? It's definately not a bad thing, and the quality of advice has definately improved, but I'm beginning to get worried. When serious players stop by and post replies to articles, I begin to worry how my articles look. After all, I'm practically Random Q. Scrub. What do I know? It's one thing if the casual player reads my article, but if The Ferret reads it....... That's completely different.

Iím worried, like many, about the fate of our site. At what point do we stop accepting all articles that come in? When do we start getting a separate section for tournament reports? When do we become a Name? Zadok is known by anyone who stops by Starcity regularly, is Houts? How about Yellowjacket?

For all of you who are just stopping by for the front page articles and are wondering who this guy is: Iím nobody really important. Just a concerned player who found a small site he loved, and is watching it become one of the big sites, and wondering what will happen to it. When (or if) Ed will step down, when weíll end up getting famous writers posting on our boards. That kind of thing.

Where will our site go? I havenít the foggiest idea, but itís a question that needs to be asked. Any ideas out there? You getting this down, Senhouse?

Anyway, thereís nothing so urgent that it canít wait another week or so, when Iíll report on my newest deck, Fish. Until then, to all you regulars out there, hereís some food for thought. And for all you who are just stopping by, nice to see you. Come on in, join our gang.

-Russell Sherman

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