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At the end of the day a traditional deck reigns.
By Desmond Teo
Many nifty decks are created during the time when an entire block is rotated out of Type 2 and a new block is introduced.

Whenever a Block is rotated out of Type 2, it brings with it, great decks that will either never see play again and be part of Magic history or will be so good that it's archdecktype will float around for generations of Magic players too come.

During the last transition, the rotation of Urza block brought along with it tradition decks like Control, Speed and Combo decks. Let's see what went out of the window when Urza Block left.

Accelerate Blue
Flores Black
Replenish (kinda)
Red LD

Green Stompy
Angry Hermit
Rebel (still around though)
Black Speed (featuring Phy. Negator)
Y2K Red

Replenish (kinda)

However, some decktypes survive this transition, they being;

Blue Control (Rising Waters and Draw Go)
Red LD
Black Control

These decks where not as powerful as before but they still contain the basic elements to win tourneys. One of the main reasons why these decktypes have not really dominated yet is because many players are finding that the powerful multicolor cards from Invasion are simply too broken to ignore.

Invasion brings the new dual lands which are now rumored to be too slow because they come into play tapped. However, these lands are still very good.

The loss of Avalanche Riders for Red doesn't mean it's the end of Ponza. The loss of Powder Keg, Masticore and Treachery doesn't mean it's the end of Accelerate Blue. These decks still can be played it's just that there are players out there waiting for the right moment to bring back these decks to turn the metagame on it's head.

The print of Coastal Tower and various good White and Blue cards could mean that Millstone decks can make a come back. As long as Crusade and Rebels are in Type 2, they will be played in a old deck called White Weenie. Pillage, Stone Rain and Tectonic Break would mean that Ponza is a good deck to try out.

I guess what I'm trying to say here is cool new decks might emerge and be in the limelight for a few weeks but it is ultimately traditional decktypes that dominate throughout a Magic season.

Just look at past top Magic decks, you'll surely see many decktypes still being played in Type 2 today and mind you, Type 2 is the fastest changing format of all DCI Magic tourneys. That had to mean something.

Till then, have fun with kinky decks that do nifty stuff but when you decide to be a tourney goer, try to remember what kind of decks 2 Magic oldtimers where playing at the corner of the store. Maybe they will give you an idea to have a deck that can make you the next World Champion.

Cheers and Peace.

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