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Rare Earths: Armageddon, Now!
By Russell Sherman
Rare Earths: Armageddon, now!

First off, I love Armageddon. Not the card, the deck. I LOVE playing a nice big fattie and crushing all my opponent’s land, and watching him whither under the might of my creature, so choosing which deck to play became a matter of fish vs beasts, and the beasts won out. Unlike my friend, Josh (“How can you play geddon without Serra angel?”) I had a clear idea of what I wanted my deck to do: I wanted it to beat r/g, normal geddon, and waters. And the deck did, because of one card: Mungha wurm. Every time I played the card, the game collapsed my way. It was hard to kill for r/g, bigger than most of geddon’s crew (Especially with an armadillo cloak), and really made waters kinda ridiculous. The decklist I used is below.

Round 1, I didn’t note names, just deck types.
Alright, round 1 I faced a nice man playing aggressive u/b. He deserved the beating I gave him, because his deck just couldn’t seem to go anywhere. He lacked discard and counterspell. River boa with an cloak sails on in for 16 damage, he recoils it, and it comes back, for the final 4.
Next game was even quicker. 2 boas, 1 cloaked mungha wurm, and the game ended. As I shook his hand the guy mumbled something unpleasant. “What?” Quoth I. “Oh, I was just pissed off, you’re playing the deck I was gonna play but decided not to.”
Rounds: 1-0
Matches: 2-0

Round 2, r/g/w tangle wire/brawler
WTF?!?! The guy is playing a deck I have never seen nor heard of before. Zadok made a deck somewhat like it once, but this guy’s was ten times as effective. He gets out a wire, a port, a tectonic instability, a couple veteran brawlers, and an idol. Even with my acceleration and geddon, I can’t win against that.
Next game went the other way. A first turn elf was followed by a second turn boa with 1 point of damage, followed by a mungha wurm, followed by an armadillo cloak. He never gets off the ground, as I geddon after that.
The third game awas simply a repeat of the first. I hold him off a while longer, and would have won, too (He was at 8), but he topdecked a tangle wire, and froze me. This was the deck I was rooting for to win the tournament. It was so much fun to be BEATEN by, for god’s sake!
Rounds: 1-1
Matches: 3-2

Round 3, r/g fires
I snicker as he plays a karplusan forest. This matchup was one I tested extensively against, and I almost always won. My elves and his mirror out, he takes one out, by my river boa keeps coming back. He grins and plays his derm, I grin and play my wurm. He attacks, and I take it, then cloak my wurm and ram him through for a victory of the nastiest kind (My life is over 30)
Match 2 does not go so well. I see plenty of acceleration, but no threats and no geddon. My elves and birds are cannon fodder, and a skizzik, of all things, finishes me off. I would have won, but my Mungha Wurm sat around until the last turn, when he shocked and then rhystic lightning’d it. Used up all my mana. Ouch.
Match 3, and I’m not sweatin it. I grin and choose to play, and draw: the same hand! Card for card! Paris gives me 6 cards, no land. 5 cards. 2 land, an elf, a boa, and a cloak. Not bad, for 5 cards. Not good enough, though. My life total looks worse and worse. He kill my boa in response to my cloak (which is why you should always leave mana open to regenerate), and my one mungha wurm sits there, staring at his stuff and eating up my mana. Again.
Rounds: 1-2
Matches: 4-4

After this, I ask to play the kid in another match, for fun, as we have 30 minutes until the next round. Two games straight, I win. In one game, my life is at 46 when it ends. Damnit, why didn’t my deck do that IN the tournament.

Round 4, r/g fires
Now I am now out of the top 4. So is my entire team. Oh well, it was still fun. I face off against another r/g deck, and my deck performs this time. Laying the smackdown with derms and boas (1 double-cloaked). I almost lose this game to my own mungha wurm, which he (thank god) kills. Giving me enough mana to geddon. Game ends there.
Next game looks almost the same. I think it was 2 cloaked boas, though. My wurm, again, almost ends up killing me, but he wipes it off the board, and I cast a derm, followed by a parallax wave. His creatures are gone, and I ram through the win. My life in both these matches never dropped below 18, and always ended above 25.
Rounds: 2-2
Matches: 6-4

Well, what have we learned from this, children?
We’ve learned that Mungha Wurms, while fat, are not good enough to maindeck 4 of.
We’ve learned that r/g SHOULD lose to geddon, it’s the rightful place of the deck.
We’ve learned that Tangle Wire spells big trouble for little birdies.
And finally, we’ve learned that a foil Llanowar Elf (The random player prize, which yours truly got) is worth any loss.

4 Mungha wurms
4 Blastoderms
3 River boa
1 Parallax wave
4 Armadillo cloak
2 Seal of Cleansing
4 Llanowar elf
3 Birds of paradise
2 Utopia trees
4 Armageddon
4 Sterling grove
2 Elfhame sanctuary

12 Forests
11 Plains

Sideboard: (Never saw play. I sideboarded in one game, and none of the spells came up)
2 Kavu chameleons
1 Ivory mask
1 Spiritual asylum
2 Seal of cleansing
2 Calming verse
3 prohibit (secret tech vs counter-wrath)
3 Enlightened tutors
1 River boa

The changes I made afterwards were:
- 4 mungha wurms + 1 River boa
- 1 forest + 3 Saporling burst
+ 1 Parallax wave

Thanks, and see all yall later.


Dave, for playing a better deck than me.
Slick, for having the guts to play 3c recursion with Reya.
My brother Adam, for his sixth edition armageddon.
Josh, for convincing me to play armageddon

Dave, for having a 5-3 record, and ending up seated above me.
The top 2 players, for playing r/g fires.
Good peter, for his anti-geddon white/green deck.

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