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View From the Commons Bin: Revival
By Anthony Scott
Questions, questions, questions ...

Okay, now for the first non-casual View From the Commons Bin.

I'm gonna state the obvious first off and say that there is a lot of talk about the state of the CPA nowadays. Both Mundungu and TomB have crafted some excellent articles and I commend them for their work.

All this has made me wonder: Has the Casual Player's Alliance lost its focus?

When I first suggested the idea for this group (Then using the abysmal name Sengir Army. Ugh.) I was upset. Magic was taking a turn for the worse in my view and I wanted to do something about it. A group of players like me rallied and we started up this organization which has become more than I ever dreamed. Back then, we had ideals. We had complaints. We had voices that we wanted to get heard by WotC. I think we still do.

We were mad as hell and not going to take it anymore. We fought through discussions with and still bear the scar of the incredible delay being abandoned by someone we trusted. ChasDen came to our aid and the greatest Magic site the internet has ever known now is a reality. I love this place. I should be more involved and I apologize for my lack of attendence.

But even once we got the site up we had problems. We were all unhappy about WotC still and it showed in our posts. The CPA was a very negative website as pointed out by ChasDen. Many of us took his advice to heart and we changed our tone which seems to have been the right thing to do since attendance is growing by leaps and bounds. But it seems now that we have lost the things that made the founders work so hard to get this site.

Have we failed?

Has the Casual Players Alliance failed in its mission? Are we a pointless spot on the web?

Or has the group become the mission?

I agree wholeheartedly with TomB. As the original founder, it was my intention to have a group that could make its opinions known to WotC and help to preserve the game we love. Check out the mission statement. That is what we were founded on. The founders all believed in that.

However ...

I love how we are now. The Casual Players Alliance feels more like a group of friends than a political party. I don't want to lose that since that is what makes this site so special. Anyone can post without fear of getting flamed or made to feel like an idiot. If becoming more activist - driven will cost us that then I am 100% against it. And the activists' reasons are my reasons. I still want to be heard by WotC. I still want them to know how ticked I am at Sixth Edition. But I cannot advocate anything that is going to change the feel of this group.

We are the Casual Players Alliance. All of us. There is room enough here for the activists and casuals and pros to coexist. Personally, I would like to see some for of voting system set up so we can get our opinions totalled and let WotC know that 'this percent of our group feel this way about Shelkin Brownie.' Although I hope we have more meaningful discussions than that. But if it's going to change us into something akin to Congress, I couldn't take it.

I would greatly like many of the things Mundungu suggested. I am just advocating the need for cautious steps. Expect Baron Sengir to be a more active participant from now on.

I remain
The Baron
Ferret, where are you?!?

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