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"Scrubs Corner": Wisconsin States
By Shawn J. Houtsinger
Hello everyone,

I know sometimes most people don't enjoy reading articles on what people did at qualifers,local tournaments, etc. But I hope this will help you understand what you is viable in Type 2 right now, and that is important information for someone who is looking for a deck.

I went to Wisconsin States in Madison, Wisconsin on Saturday.
Let me tell you right now, I had NO idea what to play.
At first, I thought Millstone, but that didn't work out. Nether Spirit was also an idea.

So our crew headed out in the Van and arrived at the lovely bar in Madison at 9:30 in the morning. I love it. A bar! I mean, you could go downstairs and bowl, shoot pool, play some darts and grab a drink and bring it upstairs. Seriously. I could've been drunk during the 6th round if I chose to.
Got to love Wisconsin!

I decided to play a deck that my friend Ryan Strand had shown me the night before: a fourth-turn kill deck, AKA 'Fires' deck.
I like the mana acceleration and intense beatings selection. I was worried about the idea that, since I didn't play this deck at all, it might cause me to lose some games due to lack of testing. I got all the cards AND sleeves from all my friends. I don't have a lot of cards, and I appreciated their help. I must have had four people loan me cards for this deck.

I gave Kevin my version of the deck "Nether-Go". My deck is a little techy, and this was Kevin's first ever sanctioned event.

Here is my deck:

4 "Fires" (what exactly is 'Fires', anyway? - Istanbul)
4 Blastoderm
4 Saproling Burst
3 Armageddon
4 Birds of Paradise
3 Llanowar Elves
4 River Boa
4 Chimeric Idol
4 Assualt/Battery
1 Seal of Fire
1 Meteor Storm

4 City of Brass
4 Karplusan Forest
4 Rishadan Port
1 Mountain
11 Forest


1 Meteor Storm
1 "RITH"
1 Obliterate
1 Earthquake
3 Scorching Lava
3 Boil
3 Creeping Mold
2 Tranquility

The deck I gave Kevin:
(my version)
"Nether-Go Tech"

2 Nether Spirit
1 Millstone
1 Recall
4 Fact or Fiction
2 Spite and Malice
2 Snuff Out
3 Recoil
4 Lobotomy
4 Counterspell
3 Rethink
3 Foil
2 Thwart
2 Daze
1 Predator, Flagship

2 High Market
1 Dust Bowl
4 Underground River
4 Salt Marsh
3 Swamps
12 Island

3 Perish
3 Massacre
2 Dread Of Night
3 Chill
1 Misdirection
3 Stupor

Round 1:
Ok, first round I play someone I know.
He is a cool older guy who enjoys the game.

Game 1: He draws no forests and I pound him down with two Blastoderm. I have no idea what to SB against him. I put in Rith and Creeping Molds.

Game 2: I draw all elves and birds with two lands.
I play first turn bird, then proceed with another one and two more elves second turn. Nothing to play.
I draw for my third turn and look at RITH, the big fat dragon!
I annouce to everyone nearby and to him.

"Stop, you all have to see this so I can say this really happened."

I play RITH third turn, and my opponent scoops.
Wow, who doesn't want a 6/6 flyer third turn?

Round 2:
Sorry, don't remember this one. I won though...

Round 3:
I am at the #1 table now.
He is playing a black/blue merfolk deck.

Game 1: He gets out a little 1/1 flyer first turn. I have three Blastoderms in hand and two forest. NO elves or birds in sight. I play land.
My opponent plays a Cloak (Cloak? In U/B? Maybe this means Sleeper's Robe - Istanbul), serves, and draws a card. Damn. I am in trouble now, I think.
I draw next four turns and get no forests, left stuck at three.

Game 2: I SB in Creeping Mold, Boil, and Earthquake.
I play my first turn birds and he goes. He lays a Swamp. *sigh* That is good news. NO daze!
I lay out my Chimeric Idol.
He lays out a Salt Marsh and looks a little frustrated. I take advantage and take a risk by Creeping Mold his marsh and lay a Port.
I proceed to Port the next couple turns. I beat him down with endless burn spells on his creatures and a Burst.

Game 3. He draws all land. The deciding factor is when he has the protection from green merfolk and a Seal of Removal in play. I Assualt his merfolk quickly and he doesn't Seal it back. He draws mostly land; I serve with two Blastoderms.

Round 4:
A Cowardice deck.

Game 1. I thought he was playing Millstone, so I play conservatively by not casting anything till third turn and Porting his land to get past a counter. I also was Porting his land to stop a Wrath. I didn't realize what his deck did till he laid out Cowardice too late in the game.

Game 2: I SN in Creeping Mold, Tranquility, Obliterate, and Boils.

I get going fast on him and he goes to Fact or Fiction. I put Dismantling Blow on one side with two lands on one side (he had two Adarkar Wastes and two Plains in play) and counter and Absorb on another.
The next turn I lay out River and he counters. I Port him and he goes. I Port him again and play Chimeric Idol. He can't counter, and Fact or Fictions again for a Disenchant. He doesn't find one, but gets Cowardice out. He can't play it since I have Geddon in my deck, and he knows it. So I finally race him with another River Boa and sneak past him a Meteor Storm.

Round 5:
I couldn't believe it. For one, this was his first tournament. Two, he was playing my deck that I was going to play with. And three of all the people...

Game 1. I play first turn birds. A questionable play when he Foils it to slow me down. I lay an elf next turn and get out River Boa also. He has no Daze. *sigh*
I get out a Port, then lay a land for a Daze back up. I try to Geddon fifth turn and see if he has another Foil. He doesn't, and I win.

Game 2: I SB in Boil, Scorching Lava, and Obliterate.
I get out first turn elf and then another River Boa. He counters my next boa. I try Geddon, and it gets countered. End of turn, Boil. Counter, and finally a Geddon again. It goes through. He has an Nether in play. I have a River Boa and an elf. Another questionable play: he plays an Island and attacks.
I outrun him and get some land and another Boa.
I just drew a great hand; otherwise, he should've beaten me.

Round 6: I.D. (Intentional Draw)

Round 7 I.D.

I make Top 8 for the second time!
Last year I took 3rd place.

TOP 8:

I was quite nervous.

Nether-go with Wumpus.
Game 1:
I get a great hand and Geddon on him. I race his Nether Spirit.

Game 2: He gets a godly hand and destroys every one of my creatures. I Geddon again, and he topdecks some land and two more Nether Spirits with me having no way of dealing with them.

Game 3: My friends watching me told me that his hand was another god draw. I get out Meteor Storm. QUestionable play on my side but I did the math. He had a Nether Spirit out, and I had a elf and Meteor Storm with three land and four cards. I decided to cast a River Boa. He counters.
I try another, and he counters.
He lays a second Nether Spirit. I think. He attacks, and I take it, making sure he doesn't drop Wumpus. EOT, I kill one Nether Spirit, and during my turn another.
I draw and he goes. I kill it next turn, and he puts us both to 1 life.
He goes and topdecks another Wumpus.
I lose.

I did my best and got half a box and a playmat for Top 8. Considering I never drew the "Fire" card and mostly SB'd it, I did well. That, and also, I had never played this deck before. I had fun and really appreciated everyone who cheered me on. It was nice to see like a dozen people watch my match. Thanks guys!

I hope this helps everyone. If you have any questions on T2 or Extended, email me:

I am going to playtest for extended now and will be posting some insights on that.


Shawn J. Houtsinger
The one and only,


P.S. If ORGG or ED is interested, I would love to help you out with posting of articles or anything for this site. Let me know, email me.

(Sorry, I already got the job. Nice article, though, and well done! - Istanbul)

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