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Rare Earths: How to draw a lot....
By Russell Sherman
Rare Earths: How to draw a lot

Just to put some of you off the scent, Iím NOT talking about card advantage.

Invasion drafting has become a popular pastime, as the set is both confusing and easy to draft, containing a high number of very playable cards, as well as forcing you to use strange combinations. We were working on another draft (One which Zadok will inevitably report), when a peculiar match happened, between none other than Zadok and myself.

Started out normally enough. I knew for a fact that he was drafting green/? with red splashed in for voracious cobra and removal. I had a maindecked crimson acolyte, myself, (I was playing g/w with shackles, rampant elephant, and thornscape apprentice for removal) and didnít feel too threatened.

The first game was relatively normal. I lay down some beats, he lay down some beats, he got a voracious cobra and armadillo cloaked it (The jerk had drafted white as well, and not one but TWO of MY armadillo cloaks!). I played a thronscape apprentice and worried for a while, but held him off. Eventually he was out of removal, And I was 4 cards from decking myself. But I wasnít gonna. I had the sunscape apprentice and the mana to return a creature to the top of my library. He had an elfhame sanctuary, and I had no removal for that. We drew. Where the hell were my Shackles?

Watch me look for Shackles. Theyíre gone. All 3. Whatís more, my total count (deck & sideboard) is 3 cards short. Dammit! I must have left them at home! They were key cards!

Game 2. A fourth turn cobra is tough to deal with. His 2 armadillo cloaks didnít help me much either. When he fried my thornscape, I knew I was done for. Scoop phase initiates, scoop phase resolves. God, I miss my shackles.

Game 3. I lay down some early beats, but he gets out enough to stop me. I play a crimson, and lay down some thornscapes. He plays elfhame. I play sunscape. We draw again. 2 draws? In a draft? Unheard of!

Hey! I get a bright idea, and sideboard in Capashen Unicorn. Now I can stop elfhame, right?

Game 4: I draw some early fellas, mostly a nomadic elf and cronies, with a cloak. He doesnít draw much. The game is clearly mine. Iím at 22 or some such life. finish him by forcing him to block my rampant elephant with all his stuff, and hitting him with the rest of mine.

Hey! Itís a stall breaker! I side out obsidian acolyte for a second rampant elephant.

Game 5: Okay, in 5 games, heís drawn the cobra 4 times. This was one of them. I ws seriously mana screwed, though, with no green. He sat there with voracious cobra, refusing to attack for some reaosn beyond me, and I prepared a defense, including drawing green. I let my capashen unicorn die, though. Didnít play well at all. I played crimson the next turn. Then a thornscape. Then a sunscape. He plays elfhame. We draw, again! Dammit! 6 Games? This is re-goddamn-diculous!

Game 6: I was tired. Bad play after bad play. I made a bad play, and blocked a cloaked, kickered, benalish lancer, not realizing it had first strike, with 6 creatures. Costs me 4 of them, including my capashen unicorn. He SHOULD have won. He had every right to win. I drew a thornscape, and a crimson. He plays a elfhame. We draw. Again. Zadok has his head on the table, and Iím bright red, laughing and banging my fist on the cards.

Game 7: Anticlimatic ending. I lay down early beats, including a cloaked nomadic elf, and hit him down to 3. He plays his cobra, cloaks it. I topdeck rampant elephant, and he, with a life total of 7 (having one attack with the cobra.) sits there. I force everything to block my elephant, and attack. He plays a raging Kavu and blocks my cloaked figure, but my other creatures are enough to kill him. Game over.

That was, without a doubt, the longest 2 of 3 I have ever played. I know his deck inside and out and I NEVER want to see it again!

-Russell Sherman, Guildmage.

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